Insurance Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

May 25, 2020
Investor's Guide

Insurance Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

insurance doesn't have to be expensive

For most people, putting money into their savings account is their only idea and step towards financial security and financial protection. While it is true that having a savings account can help you for rainy days such as a sudden job loss, emergency, or an illness in the family, having a savings account may not be enough. 

Savings accounts aren’t long-term. For long-term financial planning, you need to look towards investments such as life insurance. Life insurance is actually an affordable way to save money and can offer you benefits well beyond anything a normal savings account can offer you. 

For one thing, life insurance lasts, well, for life. In a nutshell, you make regular payments to keep your policy in place. Depending on your policy, you can either borrow from it throughout your lifetime or cash it out in full at the end of the policy. This is a great and affordable way to pay for any investments, debts, medical bills, mortgages, and so on. 

In the unfortunate event that you die while still paying for your insurance, your beneficiary will collect the amount indicated on your policy. 

At InLife, we encourage all of our clients to be maperaan with their money. To make life more convenient and hassle-free for you, we offer two affordable life insurance products that you can choose from.

Solid Cover

Solid Cover is a peso-denominated, regular pay, investment-linked insurance product that offers you (and your loved ones) maximum protection for as low as Php55 per day. With a minimum premium of P1,700 per month or P20,000 a year, you’re guaranteed 10 years continued coverage regardless of market conditions as long as you continue to pay your premiums and make no withdrawals! You can even add benefits to your plan such as Accidental Death Benefit, Dread Disease Rider, Hospitalization Plus Rider, Hospitalization Rider, Payor’s Roder, Special Accident Rider, Special Accident Rider with Disability Indemnity, and Waiver of Premium Benefit.

Solid Future

Solid Future is an affordable life insurance product with a higher investment factor meaning it will let you build your long-term savings using a wide variety of professionally managed funds, all while giving you the protection of life insurance. Best of all, you can start with only P67! You also have the option to add riders, which are beneficiaries that receive optional benefits from your Solid Future insurance plan. This gives you (and them) extra protection because it covers you from expenses that may come from accidents, disability, and unforeseen hospitalizations.

With our easy and convenient application systems, we guarantee that no time and energy will be wasted. All applications and payments can be done online and accomplished in 30 minutes with the help of our InLife Financial Advisor! You can also enroll in the Automatic Debit Arrangement (ADA) facility as well for hassle-free premium payments. 

Investing doesn’t have to cost much. We provide several insurance options such as life insurance, health insurance plans, retirement insurance, etc. Bank on something more than just a savings account and create a financially secure future for yourself and your loved ones today and invest with InLife now.

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