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Alabang Venue

The Insular Life Assurance Co., Ltd. opens its doors to partners in the community, business and the arts.

An elegant auditorium, functional seminar rooms and flexible alternative venues make these venues perfect for corporate functions, arts exhibits, theater performances and personal events.

Since it opened in 2001, it has been a venue for events staged by the likes of Repertory Philippines, Actors Actors, Trumpets. It has also played host to performances featuring renowned pianist Cecile Licad, Gerard Salonga and the Filharmonika, Coke Bolipata and the Pundaquit Virtuosi, Ballet Philippines, Theater Down South, MMCO and the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, to name a few.

House lighting controlled by dimmer system
Stage Lighting System
  • ETC Dimmer Board – 24 channel
  • Nine (9) units ETC Source Four Zoom
  • Twenty-four (24) units ETC Source Par EA
  • Thirty-two(32) units ETC Source Four Jr. Ellipsoidal
  • Two (2) follow spot lights
  • Three (3) units cyclorama lights
Sound System
  • Soundcraft GB-8 (32 + 8 channel & 8 bass)
  • Fourteen (14) microphones with wires
  • Four (4) shotgun condenser microphones
  • Three (3) super cardoid boundary microphones
  • Eight (8) microphone straight stands
  • Eight (8) microphone boom stands
  • Speakers:
    • Frontal – Wharfdale – 2 pcs. 15 inch and 2 pcs. 1 inch throat tweeter
    • Orchestra – Renkus Heinz – 2 pcs. 12 inch and 1/3 inch throat tweeter
    • Balcony – Center - Wharfdale – 2 pcs. 8 inches and 2 pcs. dome tweeters
    • Balcony – Sides - Wharfdale – 2 pcs. 15 inches and 2 pcs. ½ inch throat tweeter
    • Subwoofers – Renkus Heinz – 2 pcs. 18 inch
    • Monitor Speakers – Renkus Heinz – 2 pcs. 12 inch and 1/3 inch throat tweeter
Audio Visual Equipment
  • Double CD player
  • DVD/VCD Player
  • Mixing console / equalizer
  • Multi-media switcher
  • Sanyo 6000 Ansi Lumens Projector *for rent @ PhP 1,500.00/day
  • Motorized front projector screen (20ft x 15ft)
  • Headsets
Drapery and battens
  • Stage curtain (red) – motorized (front of the stage)
  • White cyclorama curtain
  • Black curtain – motorized (middle of the stage)
  • One (1) Pair leg curtains (black) – motorized
  • Three (3) pairs leg curtains (black) – manual
  • Three (3) spare battens
  • Yamaha Baby grand piano *for rent @ PhP 5,000.00/day (exclusive of tuning)
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • One (1) Display Panel
Dimension of the Stage
  • Farthest Length - 11.90 meters
  • Farthest Width - 16.25 meters
  • Column to Column - 8.60 meters
Depth of the Stage
  • Stage to Carpet Flooring - 0.75 meters
Proscenium Opening
  • Width - 8.53 meters
  • Height - 5.38 meters
Highest Clearance (for backdrops, etc.)
  • from stage floor - 12.34 meters
Seating Capacity
  • Balcony - 142 seats
  • Orchestra - 382 seats
  • Total Capacity - 524 seats
Green Room
  • Two (2) dressing rooms for male and female (with air-con, comfort room, shower, monitor speakers and intercom)
Tanghalang Haribon Layout

Makati Venue

The Insular Life Building in Makati opens its doors to partners in the community, business and the arts.

A sophisticated ballroom is readily available for corporate events, functions, meetings and personal events.
  • Basic Lights
  • Basic Sound System
  • Projector
  • Projector Screen
  • Restrooms
  • Dressing Rooms
  • Kitchen
Capacity (depending on set-up)
  • 300 – theater
  • 250 – cocktail
  • 200 – sit-down/banquet
  1. Fully Carpeted
  2. Fully Airconditioned
  3. No corkage fee for caterers and other suppliers
Makati Ballroom Layout

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