Secure Your Future with Insular Life Bancassurance

Insular Life and UnionBank have teamed up to provide more Filipinos with innovative life insurance solutions. Access bancassurance services to suit your needs through the bank’s network of locations nationwide and our award-winning smartphone app. Secure your future today with InLife Bancassurance.

Bancassurance Products Let You Secure Your Future

Insular Life (InLife), the Philippines' first and most trusted Filipino life insurance company, has teamed up with UnionBank, one of the country's leading banks, to provide more Filipinos with innovative life insurance solutions. Through UnionBank's nationwide network of branches, customers can now access a wide range of InLife products to suit their needs. If you’re looking for a variable unit-linked (VUL) investment, our joint bancassurance company has got you covered. So don't wait any longer, secure your future today with bancassurance in the Philippines!


Safeguard from unexpected moments through InLife Bancassurance Protection Plans.


Ensure financial stability through InLife Bancassurance Retirement Plans.


Get a head start on a secured future through Bancassurance Investment Plans.

Wealth Management

Protect your assets through Bancassurance Wealth Management Plans.

Why You Should Get Bancassurance in the Philippines


Financial Inclusion and Accessibility

Bancassurance products enhance your financial inclusion by making insurance plans easily accessible through banks. This approach reaches a broader audience, empowering individuals from diverse economic backgrounds like yourself to secure essential coverage and financial protection. Moreover, the convenience of accessing insurance alongside banking services ensures a streamlined process for you. This integrated approach not only simplifies transactions but also encourages a broader understanding and adoption of insurance, fostering a culture of financial preparedness and security.


Streamlined Customer Experience

Bancassurance services streamline the insurance purchasing process by integrating it into banking services. Customers benefit from a seamless and convenient experience, eliminating the need for separate transactions and paperwork. This enables you to enjoy the efficiency of a unified platform, reducing the hassle of managing insurance independently. This incorporation not only saves time but also enhances your overall banking experience, providing comprehensive financial solutions all in one place. The simplified procedures foster a more accessible and customer-friendly environment.


Tailored Financial Solutions

Banks, with their in-depth understanding of customers' financial profiles, can provide you with our tailored insurance solutions. Through a reputable bancassurance company, you can get personalized coverage, aligning with your unique needs and financial goals. Relying on a reputable bancassurance company also ensures that your insurance solutions are expertly customized. By leveraging the bank's profound understanding of your financial profile, you receive insurance coverage tailored precisely to align with your unique needs and long-term financial aspirations.

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