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Get Coverage from a Trusted Insurance Company in the Philippines

A mutual life insurance company can provide you and your family the financial security you need and deserve. And while financial priorities may change over time, when they do, will you be prepared?

Make important decisions confidently with InLife, the first and largest Filipino company that specializes in insurance plans in the Philippines. We apply over a century’s worth of experience in savings, financial protection, retirement, and investments to prepare you for the future.

Since our establishment, our goal has always been to bring out the good in the lives of Filipinos while serving the greater good. We make tomorrow more beautiful for you and your loved ones by safeguarding your hard-earned money savings and directing you to better financial paths.

Better Futures Start with You and Us

Paint a better tomorrow for you and your loved ones with our insurance plans and financial services. InLife is one of the most trusted and esteemed life insurance companies in the Philippines, and has won the hearts of many Filipinos both here and abroad.


Prepare for your child’s education and your retirement, while still enjoying the best things in life at the moment. Secure your savings to confidently achieve your financial goals.

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Be mindful of your health and of your hard-earning savings. Safeguard your future, as well as your loved ones’, so you can be ready for anything life throws at you.

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Grow and maximize your earnings with optimal returns, and make your dreams a reality. Have the freedom to invest in a wide range of stocks and bonds in both the local and international market.

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Group Insurance

Keep your employees’ safety in mind at all times. Your company’s most valuable assets deserve a variety of wealth, health, and retirement plans to protect them in times of need.

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Why InLife?

We are the Philippines' most trusted mutual insurance company. Backed by more than 100 years of experience.

As the country's top mutual life insurance company, we care about helping you make the right decision about all things financial and safeguarding your hard-earned savings.

years of uninterrupted service
InLife expertly offers you financial advice and protection plans to help you make confident decisions for you and your loved ones, even as your priorities change.

worth of assets; the largest Filipino mutual company in terms of total assets

What's the latest?

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Start your financial planning with InLife

What are your financial goals? As the top insurance plan provider in the Philippines, InLife is here to help you figure them out and achieve them. We know that earning money is difficult, especially given today’s climate and global crisis. As such, you’ll want to put your money somewhere secure and reliable – where it will grow and serve as a safety net not just for you but for those you love as well. Invest your hard-earned money in the country’s most trusted mutual life insurance company. Let us know about your financial goals today.

Life Insurance

Life can take change in an instant. Let InLife protect you and your loved ones even when you’re no longer around.

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Education Insurance

Tuition can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Secure your child’s bright future and send them to the best schools possible.

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Health Insurance

Enjoy peace of mind for rainy days such as critical illnesses, emergency hospital visits, and doctor’s appointments.

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Retirement Insurance

Live comfortably and stress-free when you retire. Find out how you can best protect your wealth with our InLife retirement insurance plans.

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Estate Planning

Make sure all of your assets and properties are in order in case the unexpected happens.


Your dreams can now become reality. Find out how much it will take to maximize potential returns on your investment.

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