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Additional Benefits

Boost your policy benefits!
Boost the benefits of your policy today by getting acquainted with the slew of riders available to you at a minimal additional investment.
Disability Riders

Disability hampers the ability to earn an income, affecting their capability to pay for insurance premiums. Choose from two disability riders available:

Waiver of Premium Benefit  frees the insured from the obligation of paying for the premiums of the policy and the attached riders in case of total and permanent disability due to sickness or injury.

Disability Cash Rider waives future premiums and provides a monthly disability income that can be used to supplement daily expenses that may be incurred in case the insured is totally and permanently disabled due to sickness or accident.

Accident Riders

No matter how careful we are, accidents can hit anyone. Protect yourself from the debilitating impact of accidents by attaching accident riders to your insurance policy:

Accidental Death Benefit provides an additional benefit equivalent to the face amount of the policy if the insured dies due to an accident. That’s doubling the insurance benefit of your policy.

Special Accident Rider pays additional benefit covering not only death but also certain specified injuries which the insured may suffer as a result of an accident. Broken bones, impairment, loss of use, etc are some of the types of injuries someone may sustain from an accident.

Special Accident Rider with Disability Indemnity  expands the benefit of the Special Accident Rider, by providing a weekly income in case of partial, temporary, total, and continuous disability due to an accident. The weekly income can answer for the insured’s needs temporarily, until a permanent source of funds to treat or manage the disability is established. This amount is paid for a maximum of 52 weeks.

Health Riders

Health is wealth. Truly, when someone’s health deteriorates, the expenses that come with the treatment, management or even the provision of temporary relief could be financially burdensome. We offer health riders that are meant to boost your insurance benefits, below:

Dread Disease Rider provides a lump sum amount when the insured is diagnosed with any of the covered dread diseases. This frees the insured from worrying about the medical and treatment costs associated with his condition, thereby allowing him to focus on his recovery.

Hospitalization Rider provides daily hospitalization allowance if the insured is hospitalized as a result of injury or sickness. The amount can be used to partially pay for room and board upon confinement.

Hospitalization Plus Rider is an enhancement of the Hospitalization Rider through a cash bonus to be given every five (5) years provided there was no hospitalization claim for the prior five-year period. This benefit is meant to reward the policyholder for keeping himself in tip-top shape. The funds can be used for regular check-ups or for health-related expenses meant to ensure continued good health.

Payor's Riders

These riders are suited for policy owners who bought policies with minors as insureds. An insurance policy to fund a child’s education is a popular sample. These riders free the policy owner from having to pay insurance premiums when accidents or health-related impairments occur.

Payor’s Rider  – this rider frees the policy owner from the obligation of paying all future premiums of the policy if he dies within the paying period. Benefits of the policy are kept intact and will be provided to the insured as scheduled.

Waiver of Premium Supplementary to Payor’s Rider (PR-WPD) frees the policy owner from the obligation of paying all future premiums not only upon death, but even upon being totally and permanently disabled. This rider waives all premiums due during the continuance of the disability or until the expiration of the term of the Payor’s Rider whichever is earlier.

Term Riders

When your coverage needs are temporary or when you have decided to get a term insurance instead of a whole life insurance policy, you can boost your benefits with any of the riders below:

Special Term Adjustable Rider  adds an amount to the policy’s death benefit at a fraction of the cost. This rider is ideal if you need to temporarily boost your coverage due to foreseen added risks such as an overseas post or a temporary work assignment exposing you to added risk. It can also serve the purpose of increasing your insurance coverage while you still don’t have the budget to purchase a whole life policy with a higher benefit.

Waiver of Premium Supplementary to Special Term Adjustable Rider (STAR-WPD) frees the owner from the obligation of paying for all future premiums due to total and permanent disability arising from bodily injury or illnesses.

* Not all riders may be applicable to your insurance policy. To find out if your desired rider can be attached, seek the assistance of your Insular Life Financial Adviser
** Policyholders may attach riders to their policies at point of sale OR during their policy anniversary. If you are interested to attach any of the riders offered, please let us know immediately.
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