Why Make Education Insurance a Priority?

Save More for the Future

By investing a fixed amount of money regularly, you compound your investments into a generous sum in the future. The fruit of the insurance (aka the corpus) will reduce the financial burden of paying for your child’s college education. Your child will be free to pursue the educational track they prefer.

Enhance Your Child's Talent with Partial Withdrawals

If your child is gifted with a talent (or more), you can hone it further by making partial withdrawals from their educational plan. Design your plan to have periodic pay-outs which can be used to pay for special classes, talent schools, and more.

Enjoy Protection with Your Investment

Our education insurance plan come with extra protection should anything happen to you. In the case of disability or death, premiums can be waived. Your child will be free to pursue the educational track they prefer. This ensures your child’s future is still secure even when you are gone.

A Bright Future With A Child Education Insurance Plan

Sending your children to their dream schools shouldn’t put you in the red. Get a child education insurance plan to secure a brighter future for them.

As a parent, you only want what is best for your child, and that includes their education. A solid education is the most important gift you can give your child. You can give them a bright future by sending them to the best schools possible.

With an education insurance for your child, there’s no need to compromise on the school you’re sending your child to.

Make InLife your partner in your child’s education journey today.

Our Education Insurance Plan

Wealth  Assure  Plus

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Payment Terms:
Multiple Pay
For Ages:
0-80 years old
Benefits you can add: Accident Riders, Disablity Riders, Health Riders, Payor Riders, Term Riders

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