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Group Insurance for Employees

Group Insurance for Employees

Your employees are the driving force of your company. Secure your workforce wherever and whenever they are at work. InLife provides a customized program covering a wide range of employee insurance benefits through its group insurance plans.

Select a group life insurance policy for your employees below or talk to one of our advisors today for an entirely customized group insurance plan that suits your company’s needs and budget.

For insurance policies for your employees in the Philippines, you know you can put your trust in InLife.

What insurance benefits do you want for your employees?​

Why Choose InLife’s Group Life Insurance Plan?

We take pride in our extensive selection of employee benefit solutions that secure your employees’ future and help you manage your business’s cash flow efficiently. InLife can customize your insurance plan so you can meet the needs of your employees and your company.

  • InLife is the first and largest Filipino life insurance company in the Philippines. We take pride in setting a high standard amongst other life insurance providers. To offer you the best service possible, our group life insurance plans can be tailored to fit your company’s specific needs, budget, and demands – no matter how many employees you may have. Big or small, you can rest assured that InLife has got you and your employees covered.
  • We have partnered with several of the country’s best hospitals and clinics, giving you the widest health coverage for the group health insurance policy for your employees.
  • We are proudly Filipino and remain committed to serving the Filipinos as we spread the benefits of life insurance to every family. We don’t just stop at ensuring your employees are taken care of – we make sure to take care of their loved ones as well. Whether that’s financially or medically.

Make your employees’ lives better with us. Let’s talk about it today.

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