To be MAPERAAN means knowing how to grow your hard-earned money so you’re always prepared whatever happens. Ang taong MAPERAAN, pinapalago ang pera para handa kahit anong mangyari. As the Filipino’s force for good, Insular Life is here to impart the importance of patience, perseverance, sacrifice, and preparedness – the very values that represent the Filipino's pagiging madiskarte, pagiging maparaan. Through its MAPERAAN efforts, InLife simplifies financial literacy, making it relatable and part of everyday life, so that opportunities to provide a lifetime for good come within reach.

InLife MAPERAAN Programs

Demystify money matters with the help of the InLife Wealth Mentors on YouTube. InLife Wealth University seeks to answer the most asked questions about money – from learning to save to diversifying investments, from earning your first paycheck to planning your retirement, from buying your first policy to insuring your own employees.Para sa magandang buhay, tutulungan nila tayong maging MAPERAAN.
MagingMAPERAAN at tulungan ang iba maging MAPERAAN sa InLife Alpha. InLife’s management development program hopes to nurture young Filipinos to become respected financial advisors, fast tracking their progression to become Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) members and top agency leaders. With the skills and knowledge to succeed in the business acquired through training, Alphas can share the vision of InLife to help fellow Filipinos live a lifetime for good.

A movement that empowers women to take charge of their own and their family’s future, InLife Sheroes was born from a partnership between Insular Life and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group. In efforts to upskill the Filipino woman to become MAPERAAN, InLife Sheroes has four focus areas that it aims to deliver on: financial literacy, health and wellness, women-specific solutions, connections to business and social networks.

Gabay Guro

This partnership of InLife Sheroes with PLDT and Smart has set out to deliver solutions that will make teachers nationwide MAPERAAN. By making financial literacy experts accessible during Gabay Guro sessions, our teachers become more familiar with handling their own finances. With enough guidance, it opens up the opportunity for them to become experts themselves and teach others how to become MAPERAAN as an added source of income. To further future-proof them, an insurance product will be designed to meet our teachers’ motivations and needs.

She Cares by Sheroes

She Cares is an affordable and customizable life insurance plan that addresses the unique needs of the Filipino woman by setting up funds for health, life protection, and investments to achieve specific life goals.Lahat posible sa Pilipinang MAPERAAN.

InLife MAPERAAN Solutions

A starting placement of P100,000 and P3,000 monthly lets you build up your funds to a million faster, while enjoying the benefits of life insurance. It’s a MAPERAAN way for you to easily invest and be protected, so you can spend more time pursuing your passions.
There’s a lot to look forward to in life, whether a personal bucket lists to tick or milestones of loved ones to celebrate. With all that you’ve achieved and all that’s in store, it’s best to be backed by Wealth Assure. It’s insurance with an investment that puts in a larger part of your premium into the fund so you can earn faster.
Be covered for 20 years by only paying for 10 years for insurance that offers double protection. It even gives you your money back plus a little more if nothing happens after 20 years. It’s like getting insurance for free! Yan ang tunay na MAPERAAN.
Get maximum protection up to as high as 180x of what you’re paying annually for as low as P56 per day. Dahil para sa taong nagmamahal, may insurance na hindi mahal.

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