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Retirement Insurance Plans You Can Rely On

You spend majority of your life working hard to provide a good life for yourself and for your loved ones. You deserve to sit back and enjoy the benefits of your efforts once you reach retirement age. Enjoy a worry-free retirement with an insured retirement plan from InLife.

Years of hard work should culminate in a comfortable retirement. Sadly, not everyone has the privilege of living comfortably once they reach their age of retirement.

Avoid this problem by investing in life insurance retirement plans in the Philippines. InLife prepares you for the future by offering financial plans that suit your financial capabilities. When you invest in an insurance plan, you can enjoy retirement through the following benefits:

  • Life insurance protection
  • Lump-sum maturity benefits
  • Cash payouts

Why You should Get a Retirement Insurance Plan in the Philippines

A retirement plan gives you and your loved ones peace of mind. Here are the other retirement insurance benefits you can look forward to.

Prepare for Financial Challenges

Although you may have built quite a substantial amount for your retirement fund, this can easily and quickly be emptied sooner than you had initially anticipated. Your future retirement funds in the Philippines may be drained and used up by unprecedented visits to the hospital, business setbacks, and deaths in the family. Instead of dealing with these money troubles on your own, secure your future with a retirement plan.

Don't Just Rely on Pensions

You'll receive cash payments from your social security pensions once you are unable to work due to old age. While the sum is helpful, it might not be enough to give you a comfortable retirement. Supplement what you receive from your pension with retirement funds from your insurance. This gives you the financial freedom to live life the way you want to without having to rely merely on your pension, or even on your children.

Your Family Can Benefit, Too

If you have a healthy pool of retirement funds in the Philippines, your loved ones can benefit from it, too. You can help your children fund their children's education plan. You can also invest in a house that you can pass down to the next generation.

Our Retirement Insurance Plans

Wealth Assure Retirement

Wealth Assure Retirement

Build up a significant amount for retirement.

Payment Terms:
Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly and Monthly
For Ages:
0-60 years old
Benefits you can add: Accident Riders, Disablity Riders, Health Riders, Payor Riders
Wealth Secure Retirement

Wealth Secure Retirement

Jumpstart your retirement fund.

Payment Terms:
Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly and Monthly
For Ages:
0-60 years old
Benefits you can add: Accident Riders, Health Riders, Payor Riders

How much do you need to start on your retirement plan?

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