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Work Life Integration

Work Life Integration

At InLife, you can be your own boss and have full control of your time. We believe being productive does not necessarily mean working from 9-5. Balance work and time with your loved ones as you pursue a career with us.

Career Development

Your growth is everything to us and we want to invest in you. Joining InLife empowers you to unleash your maximum potential. Get ahead of the game with the right training and mentorship to succeed in your career. Bring the dedication and you’re on the right path to success.

Opportunity to Help

At InLife, we don’t just want you to achieve your goals, we also want you to be a force for good. If you are passionate about helping others fulfill their goals and making sure they are on track, then we at InLife empower you to pursue that passion. That’s what we strive for when we dedicate ourselves to a lifetime for good.

Financial Education

With InLife, learning never stops. We partner with the best universities and world-class instructors to deliver top-tier training and development programs to enable you to be the best of the best.
travel opportunities

Travel Opportunities

Dreamt about travelling to Paris? Been wanting to go on an adventure in Prague, Barcelona, USA, etc.? Take a break from your hustle. Discover and explore different destinations with our numerous travel incentives. Experience the rewards of your hard work and bring home unforgettable memories. The sky’s the limit when you put your heart into it.

Financial Freedom

Wouldn’t it be great to earn while doing what you love? At InLife, that means earning well enough towards true financial freedom. And that gives you the ability to incorporate joy and passion to keep you motivated and inspired at work.
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Producer track:
Star player

You are focused on getting the work done at your own time and pace. You are passionate about helping people know their purpose and making sure they are on the right track as they go along in life. Your satisfaction comes from having the authority to independently work and achieve your goals.

This career is best for you as this equips you with the necessary guidance and tools needed to make you the best Financial Advisor in the industry.

team captain vector

Manager track:
Team Captain

You are more interested in managing people and bringing out the best in them. You have the ability to see the bigger picture and tend to have more transferable skills. This becomes your edge to grow and be the best leader in the industry.

This career is perfect for you because this aims to bring out the leader in every individual as well as provide extra benefits that will help you jumpstart your business.

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