Comprehensive Group Accident Insurance Plan

Comprehensive Group Accident Insurance Plan pays the designated beneficiaries a cash benefit in the event that the insured employee or member dies due to accident. However, if the insured employee or member is alive after the accident, but suffers bodily losses, a benefit will be paid amounting to the type of physical loss.

Customizable Features:

Pays weekly indemnity benefit to your employee who suffers from disability caused by accident that totally prevents him from engaging in his occupation for a week or more. Thus, it is payable for a period of not more than 52 weeks and shall end upon your employee’s recovery from disability, or upon death.
Reimburses the actual medical and surgical expenses of your employee due to accidental injury, subject to a maximum amount.

With Comprehensive Group Accident Insurance Plan (CGAIP), you can provide your people a 24-hour protection anywhere.

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