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Secure Your Finances with VUL Insurance and Investments

Invest for Tomorrow with an Investment Insurance Plan

Prepare today for tomorrow by investing in InLife's investment insurance in the Philippines. The earlier you start your investment, the more funds you acquire in the future.

A worry-free financial future is possible when you maximize your earning potential today. InLife offers an accessible way to invest your money smartly. Our range of Variable Universal Life insurance plans in the Philippines guarantees fund accumulation and guaranteed insurance benefit.

Since insurance policies under this category are linked to different assets, such as bonds and stocks, it boasts an earning potential that traditional policies can’t match.

Earn today and get higher returns tomorrow.

Why Should You Get Insurance with Investments

Benefit from Flexible Premiums

variable universal life (VUL) insurance investment plan gives policyholders the option to put in more funds than the regular premium. If you pay more than the required amount, the excess becomes a top-up or additional investment. As a result, your fund value grows faster.

Have Funds Ready for Emergencies

Insurance with investments allows you to access your funds in case of emergencies. VUL insurance plans treat this as a withdrawal, not a loan. Thus, you can withdraw money without incurring interest. We do, however, encourage you to reinvest to stay on track.

Say Hello to Higher Returns

As mentioned, VUL plans are linked to stocks and bonds, which mean you can expect higher returns compared to traditional policies. Higher returns enable you to achieve bigger funds compared to what you initially set out for. Realize your financial plans faster with VUL insurance.

Our Investment Insurance Plans

Dollar Variable Returns Asset
Dollar Variable Returns Asset

This US dollar-denominated premium investment comes with a zero initial charge benefit and allows you to invest in a different portfolio of bonds.

solid fund builder
Solid Fund Builder

A starting investment of P100, 000 is all you need to build your funds. InLife’s Solid Fund Builder places your money in a fund backed up by bonds or stocks.

wealth secure
Wealth Secure

Achieve financial independence by investing as little as P150 per day. Wealth Secure’s investment-linked insurance plan guarantees competitive earnings and insurance coverage.

wealth secure global
Wealth Secure Global

Gain global exposure when you participate in the performance of offshore stocks. Wealth Secure Global puts your peso in the hands of the world’s best market leaders.

Maximize your earning potential today. Call us.

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See how much you’ll earn when you invest in insurance today.

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