Provide Key Retirement Benefits For Your Employees In The Philippines

InLife offers Comprehensive Group Plan or CGP, which is a retirement fund management and life insurance plan in one. This group retirement plan ensures your employees can spend their sunset years doing what they’ve been putting off.

Apart from helping your company prepare for your retirement funding, the Comprehensive Group Plan also provides other advantage aside from the retirement benefits for employees in the Philippines. It allows you to customize and build a group retirement savings plan through the Defined Benefit or Defined Contribution schemes for your employees.

InLife has a host of world-class fund managers coupled with an impeccable wealth management strategy that not just protect but grow your company fund, Our group retirement plan comes with more than one benefit, so you can tailor-fit your plans to suit your company’s needs and budget. It also has the following features:

Retirement fund with guaranteed interest plus upside potential
Protection from financial loss
Tax-qualification by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)
BIR-approved vehicle to provide benefits in compliance with RA 7641 (Retirement Pay Law)

With Comprehensive Group Plan (CGP), InLife is your company’s plan administrator, your fund manager, and your life insurance provider.

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Other Employee Benefits

Income Replacement

Protects your employee’s family against financial loss brought about by the death or disability of your employee

Health Care

Provides necessary health care benefits for the employees with the freedom to be treated by their preferred duly licensed doctor, in their preferred hospital

Credit Protection​

Protects your business from financial loss in case something unfortunate happens to your borrowers, especially when there are unpaid loans

Accident Protection​

Provides financial protection to your employee’s family in the event that your employee dies due to accident

For Small Groups​

Caters customizable employee benefits solutions to small groups and businesses

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