Explore our Insular Life Payment Center

Payments shall be accepted and credited as premium by Insular Life only if the policy is in active status and under a premium-paying mode. Payments made under a lapsed policy will only be accepted upon the policy owner’s submission of the required documents for the reinstatement of the said policy.

All payment facilities listed herein other than Insular Life offices will accept life insurance premium payment, which may include outstanding loan interest, if any.

Payments other than renewal premiums, such as initial deposit on new business, loan, and loan interest payments, policy serving fees, deposit on Premium Deposit Fund, and other policy-related payments shall be accepted in Insular Life offices. You may visit our Insular Life offices or read on to learn more about Insular Life payment options.

Insular Life Payment Channels

With so many channels for payment, you’re sure to find one that suits your lifestyle, location, and needs. Secure an insurance plan today and enjoy hassle-free payment on your terms.


Online Payment

Settle your Insular Life payments online for a hassle-free experience. Simply enroll your bank account for billing to Insular Life as indicated by your online banking interface.

Over-the-Counter Payments

Settle payments over the counter with UnionBank and our other partner banks. Pay in cash and check at UnionBank, or settle payments in cash in BDO, Metrobank, or BPI.

Auto-Charge & Auto-Debit Arrangement

Experience the convenience of automated payments by enrolling your bank deposit account and settle your premiums on a monthly basis.

Other Payment Options

Settle your payments through other credit card and bank collection channels.  Overseas payments may be made by visiting any BPI Remittance Center or through I-Remit Inc. Simply present your premium notice and submit a filled-out remittance slip.