Achieve financial security early by making the right choices.

September 10, 2021
Investor's Guide

Achieve financial security early by making the right choices.

achieve financial security early by making the right choices.

Every young professional dream of living the sweet life in their later years. After spending half their lifetime climbing the career ladder, we all want to see ourselves living better, more comfortable lives with peace of mind and achieving financial security. But goals as big as that are easier said than done.

Or are they?

InLife’s newest offering seems to be the answer to helping those dreams along. Make a good investment early into your career while protecting your assets by investing in Solid Future Global.

What makes Solid Future Global special?

In the COVID-19 pandemic, many young Filipinos are still struggling to land jobs or make their marks on their industry. Because of this, it can feel harder to start building up your savings and setting aside something for your future. But even as the whole world tries to adjust to the changing times, the pandemic also presented new opportunities to hedge our bets by investing in stable global enterprises and big international brands.

Solid Future Global allows even young professionals and aspiring investors to participate in a highly competitive global market without taking any losses due to factors like currency conversion. If you are a young professional that wants to make a big financial decision that can turn your dreams of a sweet life into a reality, here are three more reasons why Solid Future Global is a good choice to take a chance on.

Global Choices

With the dawn of remote working and operations, the mindset of exploring investment ventures around the globe has never been stronger. Why limit yourself to investing in local enterprises when you can invest in high-value foreign companies and generate massive returns. These global ventures also increase your life insurance benefits, offering a higher caliber of protection.

Greater and Faster Returns

Solid Future Global’s Peso Global Equity and Peso Global Technology Funds allow you to make investments without having to consider the peso-dollar value to avoid losses. Your investments can grow much faster due to the premium placement as early as your second year of investing.

Increased Financial Security

Whether you are securing this plan to live a happy, jet-setting lifestyle in your later years, or you simply want to lay down the groundwork for a comfortable life once you start a family, the added financial security that investing in international industries is bound to give your financial health and security a massive boon. 

Set yourself up for a happy and comfortable life come your retirement by exploring investment opportunities through Solid Future Global!

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