Solid Future Global

Solid Future Global is a life insurance plan with an investment component that aims to maximize the potential of your money. It provides financial security to your family while allowing you to build your long-term funds by taking part in the performance of global equity markets.

Consider the advantages of Solid Future Global: 

Financial Security
Ensures your family cash benefits equal to the fund value or coverage amount, whichever is higher, in case of untimely passing
Global Exposure for High Value Protection
Allows you to participate in the performance of foreign companies through the Peso Global Equity and Peso Global Technology Funds to increase your life insurance benefits
Additional Protection
Adds protection from accidents, hospitalization, disability, or critical illness by availing of optional coverages
Faster Fund Growth
Lets your investment grow faster as 100% of the premium is placed in the global fund as early as the 2nd year
Start growing your funds with Solid Future Global!

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You can add the following benefits to enhance this plan: Accidental Death Benefit, Special Accident Rider, Daily Hospitalization Allowance Rider, Hospitalization and Surgical Benefit Rider, Dread Disease Rider, Payor's Rider, Waiver of Premium Benefit, Wavier of Premium Supplementary to Payor's Rider

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