Other Payment Methods

Overseas Collection

Pay your premium abroad through I-Remit, Inc. or BDO Remit Offices and Partners with Kabayan Bills Bayad.

Simply present your premium notice and fill out the remittance slip to pay your current premium due. It is important to present the premium notice and inform the remittance center of the intention to pay.

For wire transfer details, please email cmdcollection@insular.com.ph.

Post-dated Checks (PDC) Warehousing

Pay premiums of peso-denominated policies using post dated checks.

  1. Visit any of the Insular Life Branches near you.
  2. Checks should be written in favor of The Insular Life Assurance Co., Ltd.
  3. The number of checks to be issued will be based on the modal premium.
  4. Submit the post-dated checks together with an accomplished PDC form.
  5. An official receipt shall be issued and sent to the policy owner upon take-up of the payment (represented by the postdated check) to a premium due.

Wireless Credit Card POS (Point of Sale)

Pay premiums of peso-denominated policies through VISA or MasterCard at your preferred address. Applicable for Initial (Multi-pay Plans) and Renewal Premiums.

Criteria to avail of the Wireless POS:
  1. The requested venue must be within the approved identified Metro Manila/ Cavite/ Laguna areas. Preferred date of pick-up must be confirmed by the servicing unit.
  2. The minimum premium amount for free pick-up service is P30,000 per visit.
  3. A service fee of P200 applies for pick-up amounts less than P30,000.
Payment through Wireless POS:
  1. Call the nearest InLife Branch or contact your financial advisor to request for this payment option.
  2. Our customer service will contact you for the confirmed schedule.
  3. An InLife representative will visit on the agreed schedule with the wireless POS. Once payment via POS is successful, messenger should issue a manual official receipt.
  4. An official receipt will be emailed or sent once transaction has been posted in InLife system.

Easy Pay Plus (Premium Deposit Fund)

Pay for future Non-VUL premium payments in advance.

The Premium Deposit Fund (PDF) amount earns interest and will be used to pay for your policy’s premium on its due date. The interest earned by the PDF amount will not be less than the average rate offered by the top three commercial banks in the Philippines based on regular savings deposits.
To apply:
  1. Download the Application for Easy Pay Plus Fund (Premium Deposit Fund) Form under Downloadable Forms - Payment Channels.
  2. Submit the accomplished form to any of our InLife Branches and make a deposit to PDF.
For any inquiries, email customercare@insular.com.ph.
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