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Employee Assurance Plan

Employee Assurance Plan is a yearly renewable group insurance plan that provides benefits upon the individual’s demise working in an office-based or semi-hazardous environment. It also provides benefits in case of hospitalization, accidental death and disability.

Plan Requirements

Preferred Industry Type

MSMEs engaged in non-hazardous (office-based or clerical jobs, finance, banking and social services) and/or semi-hazardous (light manufacturing like food, textile, paper and printing) businesses.

Eligibility of a Member

Currently regular, full-time employees who have completed at least three months of continuous service.

A regular employee shall be one who works for at least eight (8) hours a day for the employer.

Minimum Number of Lives is 15
Maximum Number of Lives is 100
Issue Age is between 18 - 64 years old

Plan Features

Accidental Death and Disability Benefits
Hospitalization Benefits such as Room & Board and Professional Fees
Surgical Benefits
Special Hospital Services such as X-ray, Laboratory tests, Administered medicines, Anesthesia and Operating Room expenses
Experience Refund: In case of a favorable claims and experience, InLife grants your group a premium credit.

Other Employee Insurance Benefits for Small Groups

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