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Dollar Solid Fund Builder

Dollar Solid Fund Builder lets you enjoy life fuller by taking your dollars further! With a US Dollar-denominated single premium investment product with life insurance, you can leap ahead of the crowd. It will allow you to take advantage of your dollar earnings by optimizing them in fixed income security investments – that’s debt obligations issued either by government or corporate entities worldwide.

Consider the advantages of Dollar Solid Fund Builder:

Faster Fund Growth
With minimal to no administration charges, your funds have the potential to grow faster than traditional savings instruments

Your one-time premium payment has the potential for optimum growth and you can easily add to thisinvestment via top-up any time you wish.

Easy Application
Getting a policy is stress-free and effortless when you don’t need to go through medical exams

Peace of Mind
In the event that something happens to you, your loved ones get life insurance benefits equivalent to 125% of the single investment, or the fund value, whichever is higher

Enhanced Benefits
Riders, which will give you additional coverage for accidental death and special accident, can be attached to your policy.

Sample Computation

*The fund values are based on an assumed return of 4% for illustration purposes only and are not indicative of the actual rate.

Get the most out of your dollar earnings to take you further in life. Connect with an InLife Financial Advisor today!

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