Secure 5

With persisting uncertainties, it pays to have a plan you can rely on. InLife’s Secure 5 is a limited-offer guaranteed issue life insurance plan payable for 2 years that provides both guaranteed protection and quarterly cash benefits for 5 years. You also get your premium back at the end of the 5th year.


Life Insurance coverage for 5 years*

*110% of total premiums after the second policy year if due to natural causes/accidents from excluded risks within two years of issue date


Guaranteed Cash Payouts* for 5 years

Payouts are annual for the first year; quarterly at year 2 until maturity
*3% to 4% based on premium amount.


Return of premiums at policy’s maturity


Quick and easy application

No medical check-ups required to get life protection.

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*Terms and Conditions apply

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