Systematic Global Sustainable Income Fund

InLife Systematic Global Sustainable Income Fund

A first of its kind in the country, this fund provides regular income payouts through an Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) focused investment portfolio. This fund is available in Philippine Peso and US Dollar.

Today, most stakeholders - from shareholders,  to employees, customers, communities, and regulators - lean towards companies that advance ESG principles. 

It is important to invest sustainably, positioning capital in a responsible and sustainable way, as it contributes to financial performance over the long term.

To provide customers' investments a head start in sustainable investing, InLife launches the Systematic Global Sustainable Income Fund (GSIF).

Why should you make GSIF part of your portfolio?

Sustainable Investing
GSIF uses ESG-related insights in identifying companies positioned to succeed in the long-term.
Attractive Income
GSIF can provide income payouts to build a more secure future for policyholders and their loved ones.
Systematic Approach
GSIF emphasizes data-driven insights, scientific testing, and disciplined portfolio construction techniques to seek its identified object.

What is GSIF's Asset Allocation?

GSIF is available through:

How does GSIF in Solid Fund Builder work?

Your insurance coverage is the sum assured or the fund value whichever is higher.
*Total returns and regular income payouts are not guaranteed

The winners of tomorrow are the champions of sustainability.
Avail of Systematic Global Sustainable income Fund today.

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