Prominence Max

Prepare for a good life in the years ahead the soonest possible time.

Prominence Max is a life insurance and investment plan that enables you to grow your money even with a lower amount of single payment.

Minimum Annual Payment: Php 100,000

Payment Terms: One-time

Covered Ages: 15 days – 70 years old

Period of Coverage: Up to age 99

Take advantage of the benefits of Prominence Max


Financial Protection for your Family

Set your family up to receive 125% of the amount you paid in premiums or the amount your investment has grown to, whichever is higher upon your passing.


Convenient Savings

Start building funds to achieve your goals with a lower one-time premium payment of at least Php 100,000. You also have an option to have an extra Php 3,000 or more automatically deducted from your account every month to add to your investment.


Power to Earn More

Grow your money by investing it in stocks or bonds. Enjoy bigger returns when you add to your investment through top-ups


Available Funds

Withdraw from your fund anytime, without terminating your policy

Investment Funds You Can Choose From

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