Security Global

Protect your family from the risk of financial loss and ensure they have enough funds to get by even when you are no longer around.
Security Global is a life insurance plan with investment in global funds that you can avail with no medical exam required.

Minimum Annual Payment: Php 120,000

Payment Terms: Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, and Monthly

Covered Ages: 15 days – 70 years old

Period of Coverage: Up to age 99

Take advantage of the benefits of Security Global


Financial Security

Protect your family and leave them financially secure when you're gone with a lumpsum or one-time cash benefit.

Optimal Protection

Beef up your benefits with returns by investing in global funds.


Convenient Application

Get your policy application approved with certainty regardless of your health condition.


Accessible Funds

Make partial withdrawals from the value of your investment without terminating your policy should the need arise.

Investment Funds You Can Choose From

Put together a plan to get you ready for wherever the future takes you. Contact your UB Relationship Manager and chart a course for your life’s journey!

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