What is a Retirement Vision Board?

How to Create Your Retirement Vision Board

December 20, 2022

A retirement vision board is a powerful tool that can help make your dreams and goals a reality. It is a collection of images, words, and phrases that inspire you and remind you of what you want to achieve. Here are some tips on how to get started.

What is a Retirement Vision Board? 

A retirement vision board is a visual representation of what you want your life to look like in retirement. It includes images and inspiring words that motivate you to save and invest for the future. 

What is the Purpose of a Retirement Vision Board? 

The purpose of creating a retirement vision board is to help keep your goals top-of-mind and stay motivated to reach them. With a retirement vision board, you can easily track your progress and stay focused on achieving financial freedom.

How to Create a Retirement Vision Board 

1. Define your retirement goals 

The first step is to sit down and think about what you want your retirement to look like. What are your plans for travel, hobbies, or family? Do you want to retire early or work part-time in retirement? What kind of lifestyle do you want? Answering these questions during retirement planning will give you a better idea of the type of life you want to live in retirement and the retirement income you will need to support that lifestyle.

2. Gather inspiration 

Once you have defined your goals, it’s time to start gathering inspiration for your vision board. You can find inspiration anywhere – online, in magazines, or in nature. Look for images that represent your ideal retirement lifestyle and make you feel happy and peaceful. Words or phrases that resonate with you can also be added to your vision board. If you need inspiration, check out our other retirement articles.

3. Create your retirement vision board 

You can create your retirement vision board using any type of material you like. Some people prefer to use poster boards while others prefer to create digital boards using software like PowerPoint or Canva. If you're not sure where to start, try searching for "retirement vision board template" online for some inspiration. Once you have your material ready, it's time to start adding images and text.

4. Add inspirational images and messages 

The next step is to add images and text to your board. Be sure to include both positive images as well as affirmative statements about your ideal retirement lifestyle. For example, you might include an image of yourself in a hammock on a beach with the text "I will retire at 55" next to it. Alternatively, you could include an image of someone working into their golden years with the text "Retired but not tired!" It's up to you how you want to approach it but be sure to include both happy and not-so-happy images so that you can get a realistic view of what retirement might look like for you.

5. Display your vision board in a place where you will see it often 

Hang your vision board in a place where you will see it every day, such as on the refrigerator or in your home office. Seeing it often will help keep your goals top-of-mind and motivate you to stay on track with saving for retirement.

Creating a retirement vision board is a great way to visualize your ideal retirement lifestyle and stay motivated to reach your financial goals. By following these simple tips, you can create a beautiful and inspiring vision board that will help guide you toward a happy and fulfilling retirement!

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