Ways to Make Sure You Leave a Legacy of Love

March 08, 2022
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Ways to Make Sure You Leave a Legacy of Love

ways to make sure you leave a legacy of love

In a perfect world, everyone would live to be 100 years old. Sadly, this is rarely the case. We don’t really know when we will leave this world, truth be told. This is why you really need to make sure that when your time is up, someone will remember you with love and affection for the work you have done - or at least for who they thought you were. And to help you do that, we have a list of ways in which you can make sure you leave a legacy of love as well as teaching you more about estate and legacy planning.

1. Be the one who helps them grow

You don't necessarily have to be their parent or guardian for this; all you need is enough time on your hands and patience. Have conversations with kids who come from troubled backgrounds and don't know how to trust people. Teach them what life is like outside their bubble and help them learn the different aspects of society, such as culture and tradition.

2. Be a mentor

Imagine this: you see someone who needs guidance and there's no one around to help, so you step in and fill that role. It will probably make you feel good about yourself, and it might be exactly what they need to turn their life around.

3. Be the shoulder they can lean on

Sometimes people just need someone who will support them through thick and thin. If you are that person for one of your loved ones, then consider yourself lucky because this means that for them, you are irreplaceable. You will also feel incredibly satisfied when the people around you flourish because of your help - and they might even come to depend on you too!

4. Make yourself useful

This means different things for different people. If you have a knack for fixing broken furniture or computers, then go ahead and lend a hand. You can also lend your money or possessions to others so long as you know they will be used in the right way. Even just being a nice person can go a long way

5. Leave a legacy

It might sound scary, but legacy and estate planning are actually a great way to ensure that those you love will carry on with the things that are important to you after you're gone. If you've got children, then put it in your will who they should live with and make sure the decision is final. If you don't want your children to be split up, then it's best to make a will leaving them all in the same household.

If you don't have children and your partner is gone as well, who should inherit what? Should your assets be divided up between different friends or family members? Make sure to put your wishes all down on paper so there won't be any arguing or confusion.

What is the Importance of Estate Planning? 

Estate planning is a process that allows you to decide what happens with your money, property, and possessions after you're gone. This means writing a will or trust document, which can help ensure that those left behind will be taken care of the way you want them to. It also ensures that your assets will be distributed in an orderly fashion instead of being left up to chance.

What is the Importance of Legacy Planning? 

Legacy panning is similar to estate planning, and it's a great way to make sure those you love and care about will be well taken care of after your death. This usually involves determining who would take custody of your children in the event that both parents are gone as well as what they should receive from the family inheritance. After all, you don't want them to be divided up and forced to live with different relatives, which can make things terribly awkward.

We never know when our time on earth is over, so it’s a good idea to protect our loved ones for when that day comes. Invest in a family insurance plan so you can continue on taking care of your family even when you are no longer around. Talk to one of our Financial Advisors today.

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