How You Can Ensure Your Child Has a Happy and Successful Life

May 04, 2020
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Ways to Ensure Your Child Has a Happy and Successful Life

ways to ensure your child has a happy and successful life

Every parent dreams of seeing their child grow up to be happy, fulfilled, and successful. They just want what's best for their child and will stop at nothing to give it.

While there isn't a set formula or a magic genie that can grant wishes to make this all happen with a snap, there are some things you can do to prepare your child for a life of success and happiness.

1. Assign them chores

Letting children do chores teaches them an important lesson about responsibility. If someone else is doing your child's chores for them, for instance your household help, you're teaching your child that they can pass of the work to someone else. Teaching them to do tasks on their own teaches them that work has to be down and that each person has work to contribute in order for the house to function well. Adults who have done chores at a young age are found to be better and more hardworking employees because they know the value of struggling and working with their hands. They're also found to be more independent.

Start with age-appropriate chores such as setting the table for a 3-year old or putting away their toys then work towards more complex chores as they grow older.

2. Make your kids read and learn math

A study by author Thomas Curly shows that most self-made millionaires were made to read two or more books a month by their parents growing up. These books were of various subjects such as history, biographies, nonfiction, literary classics or hobby books. Once the kids had finished reading the books, their parents then quizzed them about what they had learned.

Apart from developing good literary skills early on, studies show it's important to develop math skills at a young age as well.

Research shows that math skills are heavily intertwined with reading achievement, and that an early mastery of math skills predicted not only future math achievement but a good grasp of literary skills in the future as well.

3. Set high expectations

We've all heard the saying "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Turns out this is truer than we think. Parents who set high long-term goals for their children have been found to positively predict their children's success. Parents who saw college in their child's future were able to positive guide and direct their child towards that goal, regardless of their socioeconomic standing. The good thing these days is you don't have to worry about your finances, however. There are many companies offering educational insurance policies in the Philippines so you can afford to send your child to the best schools without having to worry about the costs.

4. Teach them to be resilient

There's been a lot of buzz lately about a new way of thinking. It's either you have one of two things: a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. A fixed mindset hates challenges and believes that they are only good at certain things. A person with a growth mindset, on the other hand, relishes challenges and won't stop until they get the results they desire. To be successful in life, your child needs to learn how to develop the latter. They need to learn early on that failure is a part of life and that it happens to all of us. Failure is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, they should welcome failure because it gives us the opportunity to grow and learn. 

Children who learn early on how to manage their failures and control the stress that comes from failure will become much happier and successful later in life.

5. Build good habits

Happy and successful adults start from healthy children. Start instilling and building healthy habits as soon as you can in your children. These habits should include getting the right amount of sleep every night, eating a well-balanced diet, avoiding processed food and sugary drinks, getting the right amount of physical activity and exercise, choosing to stay outdoors instead of playing video games all day, teaching them to take care of their bodies instead of fixating on their physical appearances and putting too much pressure on themselves "to look good", have family meal times, reading daily, etc.

A good future is the best thing you can leave for your children. One way you can ensure this is by investing in their education. Quality education, however, doesn't come cheap and with tuition fees only becoming more and more expensive every year, it's important to plan and prepare appropriate for your child's future. 

A child education plan  ensures that your child receives the best education possible, without having to worry about putting too big a dent on your savings. It's the best way to ensure your child's bright future no matter what happens. 

Build a brighter tomorrow for your child today and invest in a child education plan for them now.

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