Take better care of your body with these health resolutions

January 14, 2022
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Take better care of your body with these health resolutions

take better care of your body with these health resolutions

The pandemic has made us realize how important health is in life. Many are now looking to change old habits and replace them with better ones. Maybe you're looking at something small like adopting a daily meditation practice or bigger like becoming vegan. Whatever it is, now is the time to decide on your health resolutions for 2022.

Here are some good health resolutions to make in 2022. Some are big, while others are small—but they'll all lead to greater physical or mental well-being.

1. Eat more greens

Junk food is tasty, but it's important for you to eat balanced meals that give you the energy and nutrients your body needs. Healthier dishes include replacing meat with legumes and soy products and adding more greens to your diet.

2. Work out regularly

The goal is to work out 3-5 times a week, which can be anything from going for a walk outside or doing yoga in the evening after work. Whatever works best for you! Make sure to get at least a little bit of a sweat every few days.

3. Reduce your dependence on substances

Many people in the Philippines tend to rely on substances, be they caffeine or alcohol. The good news is that you can wean yourself from them, so they no longer have much control over your body and mind. It's hard work but worth it if you want to truly be healthy.

4. Set aside time for yourself every day

Make it a priority to do something that relaxes or energizes you, whether it's having a DIY spa night at home, working out, drawing in your sketchbook, or watching an episode of your favorite TV show. Spending time with yourself is important because it lets your mind and body rest after a long day at work.

5. See your doctor twice a year for check-ups

Going to the doctor regularly lets you get the help you need if something is wrong with your physical or mental health. If you have only one appointment every 6 months, then schedule two check-ups next year. Consider investing in health insurance so you don’t need to worry about expenses to pay when visiting your doctor or getting any treatment you may need.

6. Practice relaxation techniques when you feel stressed

Meditation isn't just something that you do on a yoga mat—you can practice it at anytime and anywhere. It's the perfect way to feel more connected to yourself, your loved ones, and the world around you. You'll sleep better, have a better memory, and be less reactive throughout the day if you meditate every morning after waking up. It's easy to get overwhelmed in our society, but it's important to stay present even in difficult times. Sit down for 20 minutes and practice deep breathing whenever you need to calm yourself down.

7. Sleep 7-9 hours a night

The benefits of sleeping for 7-9 hours a day include more energy, a better memory, and lower stress levels. So, don't forget to get your beauty rest!

As with any type of resolutions, you don’t need to do all of these healthy resolutions at once. You can try doing one or two to begin with then gradually add more healthy habits as the year progresses!

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