Find out why the workforce wellness goes beyond a movement and why its here to stay.

July 30, 2021
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Find out why the workforce wellness goes beyond a movement and why its here to stay.

find out why the workforce wellness goes beyond a movement and why its here to stay.

For many employees coming into a new workplace, a company’s culture is one of the most important things that will determine their decision to stay or leave before regularization. If their colleagues seem tired and overworked, not only is it demotivating for them to keep working—it also reflects badly on the management and company culture. Promoting a healthy workplace means cultivating a culture and protocol that brings a happy and healthy workforce. Here are 4 reasons why you should take your employees’ physical and mental health seriously.

• A Culture of Openness 

Promoting employee health and wellness is a sign of caring about your employees beyond service providers to your company. A culture that puts its people first is more likely to encourage openness among your employees, allowing for better and more transparent communication. Employees that feel that they can discuss health concerns with their superiors in confidence know that the management will take them seriously. They will also take a similar approach when discussing serious workplace matters such as wanting a raise, discussing workload, or internal conflicts within the team. This allows these issues to be swiftly and tactfully addressed in a way that makes the employee feel heard.

• Increased Productivity 

One of the most telling signs you should look out for in the workplace is an employee who is present at work but does not seem to be working. This is known as ‘presenteeism’. One of the most common causes employees have for presenteeism is poor health, which can lead to lowered production. Presenteeism can also come from tension between colleagues, and lower production across different departments and tasks. Boost workplace productivity by addressing employee wellness and catching red flags. You may just help an employee by simply asking them how they are and referring them to medical professionals if necessary.

• Healthy Body, Healthy Mind 

There is more than one way to promote a healthy workplace. Do your part as an employer not only by creating a health and wellness program, but in the little things like stocking your office pantry with a selection of healthy snacks. Conducting fitness team building activities, organize skills trainings and talks on mental health and general wellness will also benefit your employees. Promote a healthy workforce by giving them the outlets to lead a healthier lifestyle and improve the overall mindset of your workforce towards your workplace!

• Less Absences 

Nothing derails a project quite like multiple absences, especially for unplanned emergencies like calling in sick. By encouraging a company culture wherein employees take care of their health, lessen the risk of your workforce falling ill due to stress, fatigue, and overwork. Keep a first aid kit on hand with medication for common ailments and discourage employees from coming in to work sick. If you reward them for regarding their health, it can encourage them to repeat that behavior.

If you want a healthy workforce for your company, be the change to start the change. Encourage health and wellness among your employees and reap priceless benefits with effects that you and your employees are sure to remember.

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