May 03, 2024
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Common Illnesses During the Summer to Watch Out For

common illnesses during the summer to watch out for
Summer is definitely here in the Philippines, with temperatures reaching a sweltering 51 degrees in places like Tuguegarao. While for some, the summer months can signify a break from classes, it also brings about a number of different sicknesses you should watch out for.

Here are some common sicknesses during the summer to be vigilant about.

Common Illnesses During the Summer

1. Sore Eyes - Sore eyes, or conjunctivitis, is the inflammation of the outer part of the eyeball and the innermost surface of the eyelid. Sore eyes are usually caused by a viral infection, but it can also be triggered by bacteria and allergies.

Sore eyes are painful, itchy, and can cause a burning sensation with watery discharge which can last up to two weeks.

To avoid getting sore eyes, wash your hands thoroughly before touching your face or eyes. Never share things that touch your face, such as your towel, makeup, glasses, contact lenses, shades, or face shield, with other people.

2. Diarrhea - Although not necessarily exclusively an illness in the summer, there is a heightened number of cases during the hotter months because food spoils much quicker (when not stored properly) due to the increase in temperature. Whenever somebody consumes food that has been left out, there is a higher possibility that they are consuming food that has already begun to spoil (whether they taste it or not). The bacteria already growing in the spoiling food enters the body, causing food poisoning and diarrhea.

Diarrhea can potentially be life-threating because it can lead to severe dehydration if untreated. If you or a loved one are experiencing diarrhea, it’s best to head to a doctor or clinic that is covered by your insurance in the Philippines for immediate medical attention.

3. Heat Stroke - Heat stroke commonly affects the elderly or ones with pre-existing heart conditions, although even ones with a clean bill of health can suffer from heat stroke.

Heat stroke happens when a person is either exposed to extreme heat or exerts a lot of physical effort. In either case, the body’s internal temperature rises above normal and leads to headaches, nausea, vomiting, muscle cramps, and fatigue. If the body’s temperature is not immediately brought down, it can lead to severe neurological changes such as mental confusion or unconsciousness.

The main causes of heat stroke include:
Dehydration from not drinking enough fluids, especially water
Wearing bulky clothing such as PPEs in the heat
Being overweight, which causes the body to generate more heat and reduces the body’s ability to cool down
Sleep deprivation, which decreases the rate of sweating
Staying in a poorly ventilated room

Summer safety tips to remember: 
Stay hydrated. Drink more water than you usually do.
Wash your hands thoroughly especially before touching your face or handling food.
Store food properly. Refrigerate food that is not going to be consumed immediately. 
Allow air to flow freely in your home. Open all windows or if you can, switch on the air conditioner even if just for a few hours a day.

When you feel like something is wrong, consult with a doctor right away. Do not wait for symptoms of these common sicknesses during the summer to worsen before scheduling a doctor’s appointment or going to the hospital. Acting ahead could save your life. InLife provides health insurance plans that take care of your doctor’s appointments, so you don’t ever have to think twice again about scheduling an appointment with your physician.

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