Career Bucket List Ideas to Think About

March 07, 2022
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Career Bucket List Ideas to Think About

career bucket list ideas to think about

Women face different pressures from the work force. Many people still think that a woman’s career ends after childbirth, shortening the amount of time they spend in the corporate world. This is far from the truth. In fact, many women who are mothers also live successful careers.

With all these pressure and expectations on women, instead of this being a negative thing, channel it into something positive! Bring out your inner girl boss by taking on a career bucket list. 

A career bucket list is a list of everything you would like to achieve or experience before you retire. A career bucket list is for everyone, even for young and seasoned women: whether you plan on working until the day you die or plan on leaving the workforce to focus on your family life. 

Your career bucket list can include anything that will contribute towards your professional or personal growth: it could be a job you want to try, or a course you want to study. It could be conferences and workshops you'd like to attend or could be moving from the corporate sector into working independently.

Career Bucket List Ideas to Consider

1. Dream Job

You may feel ready for a new job and that now is the time to go for it. Or there may be a job you have been dreaming of but haven't done anything about yet. Make that your first item on your list! Life is too short to stay in a job you dislike or to merely fantasize about a career you’ve always dreamt of. Take a leap of faith and try it out!

2. Further Studies 

If you have been thinking of going back to study for a while now and bag a MBA or PHD, don't let those thoughts escape from your mind just yet! Just because you have a family, and a busy life doesn't mean that the time has passed to go back to study or do a degree. Be the example for younger women to aspire becoming a Master’s or Doctorate degree holder.

3. Lead a Team

Have you always fancied yourself to be a leader? You can add that to your career bucket list! Leading a team or heading a project not only serves as a good achievement to have under your belt but can unlock a wealth of opportunities for you moving forward (like a promotion or pay raise)!

4. Return from Maternity Leave

You can add returning from maternity leave and progressing your career even further in your bucket list! Finding your rhythm again after giving birth can be tough. Your life is completely different now outside of work. Apart from this, the office (and projects) has gone in your absence, making it difficult to jump back where you left. Getting back on track is a good morale boost for you and can remind you that you are capable of balancing different aspects of your life. 

5. Career Ladder

There’s honestly no limit to where you can go in life, except for what your mind tells you. Is there a specific position you want to attain in your job, like an executive level title? Or perhaps your dream is to be able to start your own business and doing what you like? Women should aspire to also break the status quo on female leaders and aim to be successful in the corporate world and create diversity in the workforce.

6. Travel

Fond of traveling? Consider adding this to your list. You can opt to take a vacation you’ve always wanted to or even go for a mini-retirement which entails taking a 6-month break and just traveling the world.

7. Be a Mentor

Sadly, there are still fewer women than men in the corporate world. This is especially true for executive level positions. 

Working for most of your life would mean acquiring a wealth of knowledge about your chosen field. Consider passing this on to the next generation of girl bosses by mentoring a member of your organization or perhaps even offering classes online. This could serve as your legacy and your way to pay things forward and help balance the scales.

These are just some examples of things to include in your career bucket list. Every woman’s career bucket list will be unique and will be heavily influenced by your goals. Take a moment to sit down and think about what you really want to experience in or from your career. Then, go out there and do it!

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