InLife Launches Affordable Life Insurance Plan With Investment Component, Solid Future

February 27, 2020

InLife Launches Solid Future - Affordable Life Insurance Plan

Insular Life (InLife) recently launched a new affordable peso-denominated life insurance product with investment component called Solid Future. 

Solid Future provides protection through its life insurance component while allowing the insured to build long-term savings by investing his money through professionally-managed funds. 

“When you are young, whether you recently gained employment, or got married, or maybe had your first child, you want to accomplish a lot, but at the same time, prepare for the future by setting aside a portion of your income for savings or investment. The latter, sometimes, takes a back seat because in order for you to invest, you would need a huge amount of money. Fortunately, Solid Future allows you to do the near impossible. For as low as P67 a day or P24,000 a year, you get to invest your money towards a solid future,” said InLife President and CEO Mona Lisa B. de la Cruz. 

Ms. de la Cruz explained that because of Solid Future’s lower initial charges, the fund has the potential to grow much faster than other life insurance products in the market. “Solid Future allows you to fulfill your long-term investment goals for travel, purchase of a property, education funds of your children, or even your own retirement.” 

InLife’s Automated Underwriting System also gives insurance application decisions in as fast as 30 minutes, while regular payments may be made via Automatic Debit Arrangement with banks, making it easier for customers to avail of Solid Future. 

For more information about InLife’s Solid Future, interested parties may call 8582-1818 or visit
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