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A Better Future Starts with Life Insurance

Prepare for Milestones with Life Insurance in the Philippines

Say hello to a better tomorrow by securing your financial future today. Benefit from both investments and insurance by investing in life insurance with investment in the Philippines.

InLife offers a variety of life insurance and investment plans that address different financial needs for every stage of your life. From plans that protect your health and welfare to insurance that builds funds, our suite of insurance plans is designed to meet your financial goals.

Our qualified agents can help determine the right plan for your insurance and investment needs. Knowing that you are protected from unprecedented life events will give you peace of mind. Get started on your insurance plan today.

Why Do You Need Life Insurance?

Replace Lost Income

Life insurance secures your loved ones financially in case you suddenly pass away. You don’t have to worry about where your family where get their finances, especially if they rely solely on your provisions. Get enough coverage to support your loved ones.

Pay Off Your Debt

Spare your loved ones from financial trouble by investing in insurance that will cover all lingering financial responsibilities in the event that you pass away suddenly. This way, they won’t have to be responsible for paying your unsettled debts.

Business Planning

Secure your hard work with life insurance. It will cover your business obligations so you can maximize your earnings. If you are in a partnership with another party, make sure both of you have coverage. In case one of you passes away, the other need not deal with their financial troubles.

Our Insurance Products

basic cover plus
Basic Cover Plus

Double your insurance coverage with Basic Cover Plus, a life insurance policy that guarantees coverage for 20 years. Simply pay for ten years and reap the financial benefits and coverage after.

she cares by sheroes
She Cares

A 3-in-1 insurance solution, this customizable plan protects the investment of every hardworking Filipina. Secure your health and future with She Cares because we care.

wealth protect
Wealth Protect

Leave behind a gift for future generations. Preserve and protect your legacy with a life insurance plan that will give out its benefits directly to your heirs.

solid cover
Solid Cover

Maximum protection at an affordable price. You will be covered continuously for 10 years despite market decline for as long as premiums are paid and no withdrawals are made.

basic secure
Basic Secure

A simple and easy way for a first-time buyer to be protected with a credible financial plan. It can be renewed after five or ten years or upgraded to give you a lifetime of protection.

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How much does your family need to sustain themselves even if you are no longer around?

My current living expenses per month is
which translates to Php 600,000 annually.
I expect my family to be financially capable in
years .
Memorial expenses today cost
With inflation rate of

Note: Inflation rate measures how fast prices for goods and services rise over time. 2017 average inflation rate is 2.9%. (source:

The total insurance coverage I need is


Insure the family’s most important asset – YOU! Let us help you get covered.
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