InLife launches Prime Care renewable term plan for critical illness

May 06, 2020

InLife Launches Prime Care Renewable Term Plan


Heart disease, Cancer and Stroke. These are the three leading causes of death in the Philippines.

The good news: Technological advances in detection and treatment have improved the chances of survival. The bad news: treatment costs of various critical illnesses have also gone up.

It’s one thing to go through an illness, and another to prepare for it emotionally and most especially, financially. Many times, these illnesses are discovered at a time when financial obligations to one’s family must be prioritized. Between earning for oneself and the family, treating these illnesses takes the backseat. With Insular Life’s (InLife) Prime Care, one can focus on the treatment for better chances of recovery.

InLife’s Prime Care is a yearly renewable term insurance that gives a lump sum amount and pays a monthly cash allowance for 30 months if the insured is diagnosed with any of the covered critical illnesses. In case of total and permanent disability, it gives an additional lump sum amount on top of the cash allowances. Should the insured pass away while receiving the monthly cash allowances, all unpaid cash allowances are given to the beneficiary/ies.

“We want Prime Care to be our customers’ shield against the financial impact critical illnesses bring. We want them to focus on getting better because Prime Care’s cash benefits are better matched to real costs of treatments. And what makes it appealing is that it does not need extensive medical examinations. One only needs to answer three simple questions to get protection,” said InLife President Mona Lisa B. de la Cruz.

InLife’s Prime Care is best for young professionals and married individuals who are raising their own families. To illustrate, a 35-year old may be protected for up to P1.8M for one year with less than a P1,700 monthly premium. With Prime Care being a term insurance plan, policyholders 18 to 60 years old may renew their Prime Care plan every year until they reach the age of 69, if there is no diagnosis of a critical illness.

"Prime Care is unique compared to the usual term life insurance plans offered in the market because it is a health plan and a practical solution for those who want to be protected against critical illness and the initial and ongoing costs that it entails. Instead of worrying how to pay for the costs of treatment, or for lost income while one is receiving treatments, Prime Care provides a lump sum amount to help with the initial bulk expense of addressing the critical illness. The insured also receives a monthly cash allowance up to 30 months, to help the insured and the family cope with the changes critical illnesses brings,” said de la Cruz.

Aside from these, Prime Care gives access to Best Doctors™, a global network of expert physicians, for medical advice and help on the best course of treatments available.

In response to the need for a comprehensive healthcare and protection coverage for Filipinos, InLife also announced it will launch a new product solution to the COVID-19 related contingencies before the end of the month.

For more information, interested parties may reach their InLife financial advisor or email Prime Care will also be available via the The InLife Store, starting on May 18, 2020.

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