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She Cares by Sheroes

She Cares by Sheroes - The Solution for Filipino Women

She Cares by Sheroes offers a 3-in-1 solution that is customizable to carefully address your health, protection, and investment needs as a hardworking Filipina. It helps you prepare for your financial future so you can prioritize caring for yourself to be able to give your best self to the people that you love.

Consider the advantages of She Cares:
Superior Health Benefits
Have the ability to choose which health benefit would be most suitable for you, as the person who knows your habits, family history, and environment best

Female-Specific Diseases and Lifestyle Diseases
Collect a lump sum cash benefit in the event that you are diagnosed with any of these: breast cancer, other female-specific cancers, all cancers, heart attack, and stroke

Treatment and Care
Receive a daily allowance upon hospitalization when caused by sickness or injury; and additional allowances when surgical procedures are involved.

Prolonged Protection
Continue to have access to health benefits even when you’re already well into your senior years – until age 70

Higher Coverage
Live with peace of mind knowing that if anything happens to you, your loved ones will receive 5x the amount you pay annually in premiums, plus the amount you've accumulated in your investment fund

Fund Growth
See your money grow as it is placed in an investment fund – professionally managed by fund management experts – backed by stocks, bonds or a combination of both
Additional Benefits
Get extra coverage by including riders in your plan for accidental death, special accident, special accident with disability, and waiver of premium

With She Cares, providing a lifetime for good for yourself to make it even better for your loved ones has never been easier. Connect with an InLife Financial Advisor today. 

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