Wiser, more determined to be a force for good

December 27, 2022

Wiser, more determined to be a force for good


We bow in thanksgiving for having lived and loved in the year just passed, and now better disposed to welcome 2023 with much hope again. 

We, at InLife, are grateful that we are coming out of this world catastrophe, wiser and more determined to be a force for good, for this is who we are, what we are, and why we are, Insular Life.  With faith in God’s abundant grace and mercy, we look forward to a better 2023. 

I must admit it’s been two years of overwhelming challenges and not one for the faint hearted.  To lead in the worst of times required your unwavering support, and divine intervention…could not have done this without both. We made some key senior management changes in the middle of it all.  We continue to lead and defend Insular Life and our businesses in the face of the economic contraction and financial strain that all businesses faced.

Despite the intermittent lockdowns and hybrid work arrangements, we delivered on our financial targets and paid salaries and benefits while we continued to help look after humanity.  As of November 2022, we paid Php 740 million in death, disability, hospitalization and critical illness benefits, and Php1.7 billion and USD1.3 million in living benefits, mostly anticipated endowment and maturity benefits. 

We turbo charged our Digital journey and created Agile Operating Model, that enabled us to continuously improve on the quality of our products and services to you.   

As a major Union Bank shareholder, we supported the Citi acquisition, and the Bancassurance contribution is now more significant. Likewise, we are heavily investing it our agency force with new products and recruitment efforts.

We rebranded several of our provincial offices, built our gym for employees, opened iL Patio and iLCafe for tenants, employees and the public. These builds likewise enhance the attractiveness of ILCC corporate office sites as companies return to work on site.

We garnered several awards and recognition for corporate and individual excellence in the midst of the global crisis, among which are: 

Best Domestic Life Insurer of the Year - Philippines (6 consecutive years) Insurance Asia Awards

2022 Annual Golden Arrow Awards, top-performing insurance company in the Philippines, also as the top-performing company in the life sector in the Philippines under the 2021 ACGS

InLife Sheroes 2022 Champion of Philippines Empowerment Principles Award, Community Engagement & Partnership Category, 2nd runner up in the Asia Pacific Regional Awards

As Winston Churchill famously said "Never let a good crisis go to waste".  Indeed, as InLifers we max'ed it!

As one of the rare Filipino companies making it to 112 years, we feel uniquely responsible and especially accountable for the country.  Many generations were witnesses to InLife’s enduring commitment and heritage. For who better to help us bounce back than ourselves, you and me, who are fully invested in our country and our people in times of war, financial crisis or pandemic.  

Thank you, our valued policyholders.  Your continued trust and confidence, revitalizes us no end to always find the better way of serving you.  

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and InLife’s leadership, we are committed to continue to do our part in building what we believe constitute well-being in the 21st Century:  a technology powered prosperity, social inclusion, the continued empowerment of women, and environmental sustainability.  We are built to last!


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