June 14, 2024

Sharon Cuneta Opens Up About Sensible Investing in Latest InLife Dreamweaver Stories Vlog


Philippine entertainment icon Sharon Cuneta has made sensible investment choices throughout her life and shares the lessons she learned in her financial journey in the latest vlog posted on her YouTube channel.


Focused on providing a secure future for her family, she shared that she does whatever she does now to help her children reach their dreams and give them a happy life.

I was recently asked how I manage to stay relevant in showbiz considering that it’s been more than four decades since I started. The answer is to evolve, to change, to grow with the times. How do you do that? For me, I had to keep learning, to keep studying, to constantly reinvent myself. I also need the right motivation, which is to leave a legacy for my fans, my loyal followers, and most of all, my family,” Cuneta said.


She then went on to explain the importance of savings and financial investments.


As an InLife Dreamweaver, I learned that a great way to a better life is through making sound and secure financial investments,” the multi-awarded actress, singer, and TV host said.


Steps to making good investments


1. Identify your reasons for investing. 

Cuneta advised that it is best to know why you’re making an investment. Ask yourself what you’re preparing for.


Is It retirement? Is it for your child’s education? Bagay dapat ang gagawin mong investment sa short-term and long-term goals mo (Your investments should be aligned with your short-term and long-term goals),” she said.


2. Know when you need the results of your investment. 

Cuneta pointed out that knowing when you would need the income for your investments helps you narrow down which investments to make.


Kung kailangan mo na ang pera next year (If you need the money next year), you should invest in something that will produce accessible dividends within that period. If you have a substantial amount of resources…, invest in long-term products that will also have a higher yield or profit,” she advised.

3. Let a financial adviser guide you. 

When you’re clear on why you’re investing and when you need the income from your investment, you now look for what to invest in. And that is where financial advisers come in. They are the people who can guide you and find an investment that is just right for your needs and your resources,” Cuneta said. She went on to compare a financial adviser to her manager who helps her choose the right movie projects, albums, and concerts.


4. Diversify your portfolio. 

There are many types of investments, including stocks, bonds, real estate, and mutual funds -- each with its own risk and returns.


All investments involve risks. The more risks an investment has, the higher the potential return. However, there is also a higher potential for loss. Kaya it is important to diversify your portfolio, which means investing in a variety of different assets. Gaya nga ng kasabihan na don’t put your eggs in one basket kasi baka mabasag silang lahat (Like they say in the aphorism, “Don’t put your eggs in one basket because they might all break at the same time.”),” Cuneta emphasized.


5. Having an insurance can help protect your investments. 

When investing, having an insurance policy can serve as a safety net or backup plan to mitigate unforeseen problems.


If you have health insurance, that will cover your medical and other expenses while your money continues to earn in your investments,” Cuneta said.


Once you’re protected, you can already save, invest for wealth accumulation, which eventually will lead to wealth distribution or leaving a legacy to your family,” she further pointed out.


Cuneta’s latest vlog is part of her InLife Dreamweaver Stories. It can now be viewed via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnP6wNdSA8w. The Megastar, along with her daughter, Miel Pangilinan, became InLife Dreamweavers last year to help amplify the Company’s mission of helping Filipinos lead A Lifetime for Good.


All her InLife Dreamweaver Stories vlogs are now up at www.insularlife.com.ph/dream-big.

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