New InLife Policies Are Payable Online Through Debit and Credit Cards

June 03, 2020

New InLife Policies Now Payable Online Through Debit and Credit Cards


The COVID-19 crisis has compelled many organizations to fast track the transformation of their operations to promote the safety of everyone and make business transactions a convenient experience for customers. 

InLife (Insular Life), the country’s first and largest Filipino insurance company, is leading this sprint for innovation to further provide customers with better service. During the quarantine period, InLife developed products, deployed new platforms, and implemented digital processes applying the agile mindset and keeping its focus on customers.  

InLife is proud to announce another innovation, a first in the industry. Customers who are availing of a regular or multiple pay insurance policy may now pay for their new policies through their mobile phones or computers, using their MasterCard or VISA debit and credit cards. This payment option is called the New Business Bills Presentment.  

First Vice President and Head of New Business and Insurance Operations Diana Rose A. Tagra says, “the common means of transacting via credit or debit card for insurance policies is having to physically swipe the card in a machine.  Given today’s mobility restrictions, InLife brings this convenience further by allowing the policyholder to key in his own card details through a secured link we will send once his/her insurance application has been approved.  Through this process, we tackle the potential concern of the customer for keeping his card details private and confidential.”

How does the New Business Bills Presentment work?  Once a customer and his or her InLife financial advisor have completed filling out the online application for insurance through the Automated Underwriting System (AUS), the customer will:

1. Receive a billing notification through SMS or e-mail;

2. Access the link and request a one-time pin to be sent to via SMS or e-mail;

3. Review the details of the application and accept InLife’s payment terms and conditions;

4. Enter credit card details and submit the payment; and

5. Receive an acknowledgment of the payment transaction via SMS or e-mail

With the application approved and the payment secured, the new InLife insurance policy will be ready for e-delivery in no time! The customer and the InLife financial advisor will be notified of every milestone during the insurance application process.  

For more inquiries about this development, please contact your InLife financial advisor or send us an email at

At almost 110 years, InLife continues to innovate its processes to address and satisfy the Filipino customers’ evolving needs, helping more families lead a lifetime for good.

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