March 23, 2016

MAPFRE Insular's Home Insurance Package covers Acts of Nature and MORE!!!

In the Philippines, March is Fire Prevention Month to remind Filipinos to take precautions, be alert and vigilant and help prevent fires in homes, offices, and communities.

For several years, the government has launched campaigns to make people aware of what causes most fires and how it can be prevented. And yet, fire continue to destroy homes and other properties, and in most cases, costing the property owners their lifetime investment and putting their family’s future at risk.

It is for this reason that Mapfre Insular has come up with a Home Insurance Package that provides you with financial protection in case you lose your house and household contents not only due to fire but also from the clear and present dangers of earthquake, typhoon and flood.

In addition, the package includes, among many others, the following built-in coverage and free add-on benefits subject to the terms and conditions specified in the insurance policy as approved by the Insurance Commission):

    1. Malicious Damage, Riots, Strikes, Civil Commotion

    2. Explosion (i.e. explosion of LPG Tank)

  3. Accidental discharge, breakage, leakage or overflow of water tanks, apparatus and/or pipes (more common to condominium unit owners)

    4. Robbery

    5. Temporary Rental/Accommodation Expense while the insured house/unit is under repair/reconstruction

    6. Liability to the Public due to accidents occurring within the insured’s premises

    7. Personal Accident Insurance for the Family

Mapfre Insular has various insurance packages (including motor car and travel insurance) that would suit your needs and budget. You can call Mr. Noel Deverala at 893-4411 or email him at for inquiries and assistance in availing of Mapfre Insular’s special insurance offers.

MAPFRE Insular is a non-life insurance company co-owned by Insular Life and MAPFRE, a global insurance group present in 49 countries across five continents. MAPFRE is a leader in Spanish market, the largest multinational insurer in Latin America and among the top 10 European insurance companies by premium volume. MAPFRE employs more than 37,000 people and has over 27 million customers worldwide. In 2014, MAPFRE posted net earnings in excess of 845 million euros on revenues of 26,367 million euros. MAPFRE Insular today ranks among the top five in the non-life insurance industry in terms of earned premiums, investment income, and net income. Their more popular products, Fire and Motor Car Insurance, may be extended to include Acts of Nature coverage. Their other products are Bond, Engineering, Accident, Marine Cargo and Liability insurance. Their other products are Bond, Engineering, Accident, Marine Cargo and Liability insurance.
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