Looking to the Future with Hope as we do Good Works, A New Year’s Address from Ms. Nina D. Aguas

January 07, 2022

Looking to the Future with Hope as we do Good Works, A New Year’s Address from Ms. Nina D. Aguas


Pope Francis said, “Our life takes shape in time and is itself a God-given gift, to be used responsibly to express our gratitude to Him, to do good works and to look to the future with hope.” In that short sentence, he already taught us how best to travel through time. For our past, we express our gratitude. For the present, we should do good works. And for the future, we look forward with hope, to the future He designed for each and everyone of us. Our dear InLife policyholders, the last two years brought so many challenges to us, our families, and our country, as we continue to battle this pandemic which has been altogether a health, economic and humanitarian crisis. But we forged ahead knowing there is much work to be done to provide our fellow Filipinos the assistance they need amidst these difficult times. To have been able to extend the services we promised to give our policyholders amidst the pandemic – offer policy loans, pay the various living, maturity, and death benefits – underscores the real value of a life insurance policy. At the very least it serves to avert and recover from financial loses. At its best, it allows for grace to work its miracles in ways that our minds are unable to fathom. And so, we continue to look within and reconnect with our time-tested core values of Love of God and Country, prudence, integrity, respect for the individual, excellence, and teamwork. These values are our guideposts when we open our eyes and ears to understand your needs. We continually search for how best to create the products and services for you and your loved ones. We welcome the coming of the Year 2022, with much hope and joy in our hearts. InLife promises to stay true to its mission of providing a Lifetime for Good by continuously finding ways to enrich your experiences while providing avenues for you to make your lives more meaningful. I would like to thank you for allowing InLife to accompany you in your journey towards a more financially prepared future, and the fulfilment of your dreams and aspirations. Maligaya at masaganang bagong taon sa ating lahat!

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