May 23, 2019

Lo Que Quiera Sera (Whatever You Will, Will Be)

An artist, a musician, an architect, a homemaker, a soldier, a champion, a mother – the women in our lives are as multi-faceted as they are loved. In celebration of the women whose unconditional love have nourished us throughout our lives, InLife has taken up a partnership with IFC World Bank to bring you InLife Sheroes, a movement that puts women first.
InLife Sheroes encompasses all the qualities we seek in a one-stop shop that satisfies our appetite and longing for financial literacy, health and wellness, women-specific solutions, and connections to social and business networks. Its fully-immersive and user-friendly website is fun, fresh, and fierce - just like the superwomen who make our lives all the more colorful. Here, subject matter experts weigh in on all the topics you were too intimidated to ask; breaking them into bite-sized pieces. Relevant and timely lifestyle pieces give you and your friends the luxury of educating yourselves while having fun!
In the spirit of transforming lives, InLife Sheroes brings you Lo Que Quiera Sera (Whatever You Will, Will Be) -- an original video produced for women, by women. Witness as this powerful rendition of the classic song Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) quickly breaks the stigmas projected onto women by society and how successful the three main characters are at showing you what empowerment looks like, in the flesh. 

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