Left photo: 2014 corporate calendar set, which featured bugtong and Filipino crafts, received an award of Excellence during the recent Philippine Quill Awards 2014. Ana Soriano, Insular Life Senior AVP and Head of Public Relations (center) accepted the trophy. With her are Insular Life project leads Michelle Santos (2nd from right) and Aileen Dionisio (2nd from left), and Kestrel DDM creative team leads Dean Francis Alfar (extreme right) and Nikki Alfar (extreme left). Right photo: Insular Life’s Magandang Araw Movement received a Philippine Quill Merit trophy under Communication Management, Advertising Campaigns category. Amelita Tamayo, Insular Life First Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer (extreme left), accepted the trophy. Joining her onstage are Insular Life project managers Pamela Capiz (2nd from left) and Karen Christine Rusiana (2nd from right), and Virus Worldwide VP for Finance Mike Gabion (extreme right).
April 10, 2015

Insular Life Wins 2 Philippine Quill trophies for Putting Spotlight on Filipino Culture

Insular Life, the leading Filipino life insurer, was honored in the recently concluded Philippine Quill Awards for two communication initiatives that spotlighted unique Filipino traditions.

Insular Life received an Award of Excellence for its 2014 corporate calendars titled Mindcraft and Handicraft: Philippine Cultural Creations. The calendars, which won under the Communication Skills, Publication Design category, creatively used Filipino riddles, or bugtong, in its theme and layout. Each featured riddle, moreover, had as an answer a Filipino handicraft such palayok, banig, and papier mache or taka horse figures, among others.

The Communication Skills division recognizes not only excellence in the technical execution of communication skills such as editing and design. Entries that won under this division also displayed strong tactical skills in strategic alignment, creative process and measurable results.

The company’s Magandang Araw Movement, on the other hand, received a Merit trophy under the Communication Management, Advertising Campaigns category. “Magandang araw!” means “Good morning!” in Tagalog – a greeting which neatly captures the Filipino’s positive disposition. This has inspired Insular Life to integrate it into its branding and communication programs, among which is the Magandang Araw Movement. An online-based photo contest, the Magandang Araw Movement aims to catalyze a nation of positive thinkers by creating a platform where people can show how they live out and share happiness with others through acts of kindness for 365 days.

A win under the Communication Management division, Advertising Campaigns category means that a program has displayed topnotch strategic execution to build brand awareness, influence opinion, motivate audience behaviors, or sell products and services

The Philippine Quill Awards recognize companies and organizations that display excellence using communication to attain business goals. Organized annually by the local chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators, the awards night was held at the Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila hotel and was attended by the crème de la crème of Philippine business community.
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