Insular Life launches Prime Secure Lite, affordable term life insurance with additional COVID-19 coverage

May 12, 2021

Insular Life launches Prime Secure Lite, affordable term life insurance with additional COVID-19 coverage


Insular Life (InLife) launched Prime Secure Lite, a term life insurance that gives extra benefits in case of diagnosis of certain critical illnesses and death due to COVID-19.

Prime Secure Lite gives protection for up to P750,000 for a one-time premium as low as P2500.

“Prime Secure Lite is practical as it gives one peace of mind should anything untoward happen. For instance, if one is diagnosed with cancer, heart attack or stroke (CHAS), Prime Secure Lite will make funds equivalent to 40% to 50% of the sum insured available for treatment. This pandemic has also made many realize the importance of being covered so that the family one leaves if one passes away will not have a hard time bearing the consequences of an unexpected death in the family,” said Rosalyn L. Martinez, InLife’s Chief Marketing Officer. 

“Prime Secure Lite is payable only once, but will give a one-year coverage. And it is affordable. For those between the ages of 18 to 47, the premium is P2500. Those between 48 to 60 years old have to pay only P3,000,” Martinez added.

Prime Secure Lite also gives additional coverage for the first six months in case of death due to COVID-19, and extended coverage for the spouse equal to the sum insured in case of accidental death of both insured and spouse. 

To illustrate, customers, between ages 18 to 47 years old who will avail of Prime Secure Lite will only have to pay P2,500 for a one-year coverage of P300,000 (for 18 to 39 years old) and P200,000 (for 40 to 47 years old.) Those whose ages are between 48 to 60 years old will pay P3,000 for coverage that range from P80,000 to P200,000. Additional coverage for CHAS and COVID-19, as well as in case of accidental death to both insured and spouse, provides more protection not just for the insured, but the family as well.

Prime Secure Lite is light on accessibility as it is light on the pocket.  There are no medical examinations required and it is fully available online. To get Prime Secure Lite, customers should simply go to the InLife Store, and complete the 3-step application process. 

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