Insular Life Honors The Bold And The Brave

March 17, 2021

Insular Life Honors The Bold And The Brave


For championing the company’s mission to bring “A Lifetime For Good” to Filipinos, top producers of Insular Life (InLife) were honored in a virtual awarding event.

With the theme “Circle of Pride: InLife’s Bold and Brave,” the event recognized 193 financial advisors and agency leaders nationwide for their excellent sales performance in 2020 despite last year’s public health and economic crisis.

InLife Executive Chairperson Nina D. Aguas expressed appreciation to the financial advisors for helping Filipinos fulfill their financial goals.

“Despite the insurmountable odds in 2020, InLife stands firm in our commitment to bridge more Filipinos to a Lifetime For Good. Our financial advisors bravely faced last year’s unprecedented challenges in order to spread the benefits of life insurance to more of our countrymen. They belong to the Circle of Pride: InLife’s Bold and Brave,” she said.

InLife President and CEO Mona Lisa B. Dela Cruz said that as InLife marked 110 years of uninterrupted service in 2020, the financial advisors embodied what it takes to be a Filipino for the Filipinos.

“As the largest Filipino life insurance company in the country, InLife expresses pride in our financial advisors who continue our legacy of service for the Filipinos. And as the pandemic continues to highlight the importance of financial planning, InLife takes on the responsibility and opportunity to expand our network of policyholders whose families are assured of life insurance protection,” she said.

InLife agency force’s crème de la crème

Five President's Circle of Producers led InLife’s awardees for 2020.

Ida Jacob of Binondo District Sales Office (DSO), recipient of the coveted InLife Top Agency Head Award, said her eighth recognition as the best agency leader will further strengthen her resolve to succeed. “The people behind Binondo DSO made us a success. We did all the collaborative efforts last year. There were many difficulties and uncertainties, but we were all challenging everyone to do more. We’ve got a long way to go, a lifetime to share, and a responsibility to take on as InLifers,” she said.

Richmond Baguno of Baguio DSO IV, InLife’s Top Underwriter, shared that dedication to his career as a financial advisor enabled him to triumph over the challenges of 2020. “It was an unprecedented year when everyone was terrified. At some point, I was also full of doubts but I stood my ground as an InLifer. I thought of my responsibilities and dedication to perform and deliver. As cliché as it may sound, for as long as you know your goals, no matter how difficult these can be, you will achieve them,” he said.

Joanne Marie Feliz “Maffy” Villamor of MP Oliva and Associates General Insurance Agency, Inc., InLife’s Top Rookie Underwriter, expressed pride that as a financial advisor, she helps others realize their financial goals. “Time is one thing we are not guaranteed with. We need time to build up our retirement funds, save for the kids’ college funds, pay off the mortgage, ensure a roof over the family’s heads, and many more. But what if we lose time without finishing these things? If we need time, we need life insurance,” she said.

Julmer Noro of Agila Financial Team General Insurance Agency, InLife’s Top Unit Manager, noted that being goal-oriented and being flexible brought him success. “Last year was very challenging but it was never a reason to give up on my goals. I know that I have to remain ambitious and motivated, do whatever it takes to materialize our goals, and work harder than anyone else,” he said.

Alwin Bartolome of Baguio DSO IV, InLife’s Top Group Producer, shared that strong determination brought him back-to-back recognition in group insurance sales. “Being the group top producer in 2019, I set my 2020 goal to have back-to-back achievements, and with God’s blessings and guidance, I did it again. It was a very difficult goal to achieve considering the social limitations, health dangers, and worldwide economic downfall due to COVID-19. However, there is nothing impossible if there is strong determination,” he said.

For the awardees, teamwork, dedication, flexibility, and the opportunity to help others led them to a successful 2020. And InLife’s mission to bring “A Lifetime For Good” to more Filipinos will further fuel their drive to excel as financial advisors for many years to come.

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