August 13, 2019

Insular Health Care Launches Pre-paid Group Health And Insurance Plans For Women-owned MSMEs

Insular Health Care (IHC), the HMO subsidiary of Insular Life, has launched a new pre-paid group health and insurance coverage called “InLife EntrePinay” that’s specifically tailored for women entrepreneurs.   

“We created this product for women entrepreneurs to encourage them to provide group health coverage and life insurance benefits to their employees. While the product is really for all, “InLife EntrePinay” is specifically designed to what women business owners would like to have, either for themselves, or for their employees,” said InLife Executive Vice President and IHC President and CEO, Noemi G. Azura.   

InLife Entrepinay comes in three pre-paid plans or packages: Ruby, Emerald and Diamond. The plans include basic annual physical examination, one-time outpatient and/or inpatient care coverage on medical emergencies, face-to-face and on-the-phone medical consultations, and dental benefits and maternity assistance 

InLife EntrePinay comes in three affordable pre-paid plans: Ruby starts at ₱4,000 annually per employee; Emerald starts at  ₱5,800 annually per employee; and Diamond starts at ₱8,000 annually per employee.  

Emerald plan has a one-time emergency inpatient care due to accidents while the Diamond plan has a one-time emergency inpatient care coverage due to accidents, viral and, or bacterial illnesses.  

Emerald and Diamond plans also include maternity assistance of up to ₱7,000 and up to ₱10,000, respectively.  

Ruby plan includes life insurance coverage of ₱100,000 for accidental causes only, while Emerald and Diamond plans include life insurance coverage of ₱50,000 for accidental or natural causes. Emerald and Diamond plans further add ₱50,000 coverage for accidental death and dismemberment. 

EntrePinay was developed as part of Insular Life’s InLife Sheroes Program which is focused on empowering Filipino women.  

“Our mission is to empower a million Filipinas in the next three years through four focus areas: financial education, health and wellness, women-specific solutions, and access to social and business networks,” Ms. Azura said.  
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