Insular Foundation welcomes first batch of STEM scholars

May 31, 2023

Insular Foundation welcomes first batch of STEM scholars


Insular Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of Insular Life (InLife), recently welcomed 26 new scholars who are taking up Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) courses.

The new Gold Eagle Scholars are freshmen students from the Foundation’s six partner schools:  University of Philippines Diliman (UPD), Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT), Benguet State University (BSU), Bohol Island State University (BISU), Central Mindanao University (CMU), and Davao Oriental State University (DORSU).

Starting Academic Year 2022 to 2023, the Gold Eagle College Scholarship Grant Program shifted its focus to STEM courses. This is to support the government’s call for initiatives that will encourage students to pursue STEM courses, given the high demand for STEM jobs.

The Foundation, however, will continue to support its current scholars who are taking up Education until they graduate. 

Insular Foundation Executive Director Ana Maria R. Soriano advised the scholars to show up, step up and shape up to take on the challenges of college life.

“Show up, ready and prepared to tackle the day’s work. Step up not only academically, but also in the other facets of life as a college student. Shape up – the challenges of college life may affect your physical and mental health.  Do what is necessary to be healthy and active,” she said during the Scholars Orientation Program. 

Insular Foundation program manager Teresita T. Melad explained the scholarship benefits which include stipend, transportation, and book allowance; the scholarship renewal rules; and the two-year requirement to serve in the country after graduation.  

Dr. Aileen V. Reyes, Officer-in-Charge of UPD’s Office of Scholarships and Grants – Scholarship Section thanked Insular Foundation for providing financial assistance to the students. 

“To Insular Foundation, UP Diliman would like to express our deepest gratitude for your generosity and support for the educational dreams of our Iskolar ng Bayan. Your unwavering commitment to provide financial assistance to deserving students has made a significant impact in our lives and in the lives of countless others,” Reyes said.

A scholar’s responsibility 

Loyd Rick G. Salubre, Gold Eagle Scholar who is taking up BS Civil Engineering in DORSU, shared that the scholarship grant helped him during the shift from online learning to face-to-face classes. 

“Adapting and coming back to face-to-face classroom setting would have been really tough for us if there weren’t any financial aid coming from the scholarship. The alternating synchronous meetings and physical classes have been very costly, that is why I’m grateful that I have the support of Insular Foundation. Most importantly, this scholarship enables us, the scholars, to prioritize our studies. We are able to focus our attention on our academic load, knowing that our financial problems have been addressed by this scholarship,” he said.

Salubre also noted that the scholarship grant inspires him to do good in his studies. “With this scholarship is a responsibility. Personally, it is my goal to do good in school because not every student is privileged to receive a scholarship grant. And hopefully, I’ll be able to maintain my grades until I finish college.”

Gratitude from a Graduate Scholar

Memorie G. Pilay, a Gold Eagle alumna from BSU who took up Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Social Studies, expressed her gratitude to Insular Foundation for the scholarship assistance and other activities for the scholars.

“I was grateful for Insular Foundation’s ongoing efforts, which included not only financial support but also webinars on how to deal with the pandemic, kumustahan, and mentorship sessions to prepare us for what we might face after we graduated from university. I was able to graduate on time, as a Gold Eagle scholar, and as a Magna Cum Laude. Thank you to Insular Foundation. The Gold Eagle Scholarship Grant was more than just a financial assistance to me. It has become my dream. It has altered my life perspectives. It alleviated the financial burden my father had to bear for my education.”

The Gold Eagle College Scholarship Program is now on its 61st year of helping students who are economically challenged earn their college degrees.  

UP Diliman

The Gold Eagle scholars from the University of the Philippines Diliman meet the Insular Foundation’s Board of Trustees led by InLife Executive Chairperson Nina D. Aguas (fifth from right) and InLife President and CEO Raoul E. Littaua (sixth from right).  


Insular Foundation program manager Tere Melad (standing, fourth from right) and program specialist Jaja Monsanto (standing, leftmost) meet the Gold Eagle scholars from Aurora State College of Technology. Joining them is Merlita T. Agbayani, OIC-Coordinator of ASCOT’s Scholarship Office (standing, fourth from left).


Insular Foundation program manager Tere Melad (center) and program specialist Jaja Monsanto (rightmost) meet the Gold Eagle scholars from Bohol Island State University. Joining them are the university’s Scholarship Coordinator, Analyn A. Espadilla (leftmost), and Director of Scholarship and Admission, Joecel U. Vallente (second from left).


Insular Foundation program manager Tere Melad (center) meets the Gold Eagle scholars from Central Mindanao University. Joining them are the university’s (from leftmost) OIC of the Office of Admissions, Scholarships, and Placement, Dr. Raul C. Orongan; and Scholarship Coordinators Ann L. Carreon and Jessica L. Pava. 

Insular Foundation program manager Tere Melad (fourth from left) meets the Gold Eagle scholars from Davao Oriental State University. Joining them are Dr. Evangeline R. Rivera (seventh from left), Caretaker of the Office of Financial Assistance and Scholarship Grants; and Edmer June Pleños (rightmost), Scholarship Coordinator.


Insular Foundation program manager Tere Melad (standing, third from left) meets the Gold Eagle scholars from Benguet State University. Joining them are Sarah M. Palaw-ay, Unit Head of Office of Student Services - Student Scholarships and Grants Unit (standing, leftmost); Editha A. Grande, Division Head of Office of Student Services - Student Development Services, (standing, second from left); Angeli T. Austria, Director of Office of Student Services (standing, rightmost); and Vannessa Velano, Scholarship Office Staff (standing, second from right).

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