June 26, 2024

InLifers raise the rainbow flag


InLife marked a colorful milestone on its journey towards inclusivity as members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ+) community and allies launched the Safe Space (Employee Pride Network).  

At the backdrop of Pride Month, which represents a movement for change, love, and equality, InLifers expressed their appreciation of the company’s inclusive culture. They pointed out that for the LGBTQ+ community, equity, acceptance and respect, and confidence to present their true identities matter. They added that understanding their community and supporting their advocacies also count.     


When Jose Eduardo “Joe” Ang was eyeing a C-level position in InLife last year, he was uncertain about the heritage company’s attitude towards members of the LGBTQ+ community. Joe shared that he volunteered his gay identity during his interview with executives.  

It was heart-warming to discover how supportive they are. It sealed the deal for me to learn that our InLife leaders are not only inclusive and staunch allies of all Filipinos but are also progressive leaders who continue to drive growth and innovation,” he said.    

As Chief Product and Innovation Officer, Joe is in charge of the product strategy to ensure that InLife provides solutions that empower Filipinos with lifelong security and peace of mind. “We are also on the lookout for industry innovations. We are excited for the product solutions that we are working on for the coming months and years,” he said.  

Joe also noted that Safe Space strengthens the sense of belonging and support for LGBTQ+ community members and allies. “The network’s visibility and activities break down any remaining barriers and stereotypes through fun and welcoming engagements. When every employee feels confident to bring their full selves to the table, that is when we unlock the most potential in our team to serve best every Filipino,” he said. 


Frederick Dioso, an InLifer for 23 years now, shared that he has seen how InLife progressed from tolerance to acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community.  

“We have senior leaders who are not only allies but are also champions for gender equality and inclusivity. With their support, our Safe Space Network will be able to raise awareness about sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression; initiate programs and activities for InLifers; and align company policies and practices to ensure a safe space at InLife,” said Fred who heads the Rewards, Services and Technology Department under the Human Resources Division.  

Fred also pointed out that the InLifers’ participation in the annual Pride March and Festival in Quezon City for the first time attests to the company’s commitment to foster an inclusive community.  

But beyond the June Pride Month and all-year long, Fred said InLife ensures that employees are paid equitably, rewards programs are inclusive, and benefits are relevant and attuned to the employees’ needs. 

Acceptance and respect  

Ma. Allison Mendoza, an InLifer for seven years now, said the company accepts and respects members of the LGBTQ+ community.  

I believe in inclusivity as we value individuals treating them fairly and equally and accommodate people who have been excluded because of race, gender, sexuality, or ability. As a community, we are respected in the way we act and mingle with others,” said Allison, business analyst from the Information Technology Division (ITD).  


Marian Roselle Legaspina, an InLifer for almost 11 years and helpdesk analyst from ITD, leads the Employee Networks Pillar of The Good Squad.  

Marian said Safe Space is committed to fostering a more inclusive workplace where LGBTQ+ InLifers can feel that they truly belong and can express their authentic selves without fear of discrimination or judgment. “The network also aims to educate all InLifers about the issues faced by the community, helping to debunk myths, reduce biases, promote gender sensitivity, and cultivate a culture of understanding and respect,” she said. 


Atty. Joyce Gascon, ally of the LGBTQ+ community, believes in amplifying LGBTQ+ voices. “I joined the Safe Space Network because I believe that an inclusive workplace is also important in improving people's lives,” she said.  

As corporate lawyer from the Legal and Governance Division, Atty. Joyce advocates for insurance solutions that protect policyholders and their loved ones, thus contributing to InLife's mission of improving people's lives.

The InLife Safe Space employee network, along with their loved ones, shared love and joy at the 2024 Pride Festival in Quezon City. The festival, known for its vibrant display of unity and acceptance, was a perfect backdrop for InLife employees to celebrate diversity, equity and inclusivity. Their presence was a testament to the company's commitment to fostering a supportive environment where everyone can be their authentic selves.
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