June 21, 2024

InLife'c critical illness plan "Resilience" now available in UnionBank and UFSI


Insular Life (InLife), the country’s first and largest life insurer, continues to deliver “A Lifetime for Good” with its critical insurance plan, Resilience, that may now be conveniently availed of by customers of Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) and UnionBank Financial Services and Insurance Brokerage, Inc. (UFSI).  


Resilience Critical Illness Extra, a limited-pay critical illness life insurance plan, provides guaranteed lump sum cash upon critical illness diagnosis. It is payable in ten years, but the life insurance coverage is until the age of 99. This insurance plan also provides coverage for 84 major and 39 minor critical illnesses.  


UnionBank and UFSI currently offer an extensive array of products and services that cater to the various financial needs of their customers. InLife aims to complement this by providing critical illness coverage for their clients. As these customers build their portfolio and grow their wealth, they can be assured that InLife has them covered in the event they are diagnosed with a critical illness,” said InLife Chief Marketing Officer and Bancassurance Head Gae L. Martinez. 


Martinez said that Resilience Critical Illness Extra cushions the insured from the blow dealt by a life-threatening disease. “Critical illnesses tend to throw us off-balance and derail our long-term plans. With Resilience Critical Illness Extra, the insured can focus on getting treatment and becoming better so they can bounce back in life much sooner.”  


Upon diagnosis of a covered major critical illness, the life insurance benefit equal to 100% of the sum insured will be given in advance to cover the insured’s medical expenses, plus cash allowance in case of hospitalization due to a covered disease. If the insured, however, does not make a critical illness claim on the policy, they may start getting a cash benefit equal to 8% of the sum insured from age 65 (depending on issue age) and every five years thereafter until the age of 85.  


Interested customers may contact their UnionBank or UFSI Relationship Manager or UFSI Insurance Solutions Manager to learn more. 

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