InLife And Connected Women Forge Ties For Better Income Opportunities For Women

March 02, 2021

InLife And Connected Women Forge Ties For Better Income Opportunities For Women


Insular Life through its InLife Sheroes program has formed a partnership with Connected Women to offer additional income-generating opportunities to its members in the Philippines.

The InLife Sheroes program ( now in its second year, envisions Insular Life to be the preferred insurance provider of Filipino women for their protection, savings, and investment needs.

Connected Women is a growing community of 75,000 members that aims to be the leading platform for women’s economic empowerment in the Philippines. Their mission is to create opportunities for Filipino women to learn and earn, through entrepreneurship, freelancing, and remote work.

Connected Women has received global recognition for creating meaningful progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

“According to Women's World Banking, 247 million women are living below the extreme poverty line due to inequality and COVID-19. Advocating and driving financial inclusion has never been more important as the global economic recovery effort begins. Connected Women is honored to be working with InLife on programs that bring opportunities for Filipino women to earn from home. Together we can create a more equitable future, ensuring that no woman or her family is left behind”, said Gina Romero, Founder and CEO of Connected Women.

With this partnership, InLife will once again be an industry trailblazer as it launches an all-women agency unit.

It offers an opportunity to empower these women by setting up their own business, with very minimal capital. Low investment, low risk (since they would be representing a 110-year-old financial institution), high returns (endless income opportunities). It would also enable them to have better control of their time, keeping in mind the value of work-life balance.

Raoul Littaua, InLife SEVP and head of the Insurance Distribution group, is a firm believer in gender equality. Stressing his notion that most women are “more firm when it comes to finances,” Littaua said, “most Filipino women are careful spenders who prioritize their families although little is usually allocated for savings.”

“There is no biological basis at all for the gender superiority of men but if there is such bias, it is cultural more than anything else. Therefore, I personally and wholeheartedly support efforts made by women organizations together with InLife in correcting that bias,” Raoul adds.

Moreover, this unit is envisioned to secure the financial future of Filipino women by offering women-specific solutions from InLife. Indeed, this is a life filled with purpose for the financial advisors.

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