Meet Ella, the InLife Chatbot

August 28, 2020

Have You Met Ella of InLife?


Meet Ella, the InLife Chatbot.


As InLife’s friendly, funky-chic, millennial chatbot, she is ready to provide quick answers to your frequently asked questions 24/7.  

Ella, the most recent addition to the constantly growing lineup of new InLife digital services, is now available on Facebook Messenger, the most used messaging app in the Philippines. Filipinos don’t even need to download new apps to talk to her.


Resolution time for the most common queries is now faster than ever. Ella gives answers right away to customers who want to know how to access policy information and get end-to-end policy servicing in the InLife Customer Portal, the company’s internet-based customer service facility. She guides them through the experience of performing transactions like fund withdrawals and policy loan applications on their own.


Ella also helps expedite face-to-face transactions and reduce time spent outside the home because of her capability to give instructions to customers who prefer to conduct their business in person. She helps them prepare the requirements needed during the visit and find the most convenient InLife branch to go to.


“Since the start of the nationwide lockdown, we have numerous requests such as customer portal password resets.  We feel that this is the right time to launch our chatbot because it acts as a self-help mentor to clients who are now beginning to be more confident and comfortable in using technology,” said InLife Chief Marketing Officer Gae Martinez.


This year, InLife launched a series of technological breakthroughs to provide clients the best possible experience online, whether for making InLife products available to more Filipinos or satisfying customer-related concerns. Filipinos nationwide now use different online tools such as ViBE (Virtual Business Enabler), New Business Bills Presentment, TheInLife Store, and more.


“We understand that our clients don’t always have the time to wait in queue, especially for inquiries that can be answered instantly by Ella,” added Martinez. “Our customer service reps will always be there for clients who prefer to speak to them. The addition of Ella only makes it easier for us to serve our policyholders a lot faster.”


Moving forward, more enhancements will be added to Ellato cater to the ever-changing needs of the market. Backed by insights provided by Ella herself, InLife is set to be more responsive to Filipinos who are looking for A Lifetime for Good. 

Talk to Ella of InLife today.

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