September 26, 2019

Finalists for InLife Shero of the Year Announced at Asia CEO Forum2019

    • The annual Asia CEO Awards is a platform that celebrates victories worth telling. On its 10th year, it introduces for the very first time the InLife Shero of the Year Award to its list of categories.

      The award honors Filipino women leaders who have shown significant success in leading their organization to a new level of growth. In the process, their pioneering achievements have resulted in widespread improved conditions, in terms of financial growth, better health, and quality of life, family relationships, and other noteworthy fields. It celebrates how they have made a significant impact on the nation, and in so doing, Filipino knowledge and ingenuity to the global stage.

      The first InLife Shero of the Year will be selected based on the following:

      Leadership Commitment - demonstrated measurable and recognized success while leading an organization to the growth of new heights while inspiring and empowering others to be leaders and people of integrity

      Pioneering Achievements - introduced solutions that are considered breakthrough, unique and innovative in their field and of recognizable national or international importance that advanced the economic and/or health status of the nation

      Sustainability and Scalability – executed initiatives or solutions that are sustainable and can be expanded, with a long-lasting positive effect to a large number of people, domestically and internationally

      Social Commitment – exhibited a strong commitment to helping in the overall well-being of others and be seen as inherent in the nature of the solutions, initiatives, or business.

      The 8 women who have made it to Asia CEO Awards’ 10th Circle of Excellence Finalists are:

      Alegria Sibal-Limjoco; President, Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Cherrie De Erit Atilano; CEO, AGREA Agricultural System International, Doris Magsaysay Ho; Group President & CEO, Magsaysay Group of Companies, Joan Peñaflorida; President & CEO, Yondu, Mailyn Borillo; President, OSM Maritime Services, Marcelina Itchon; President & CEO, Aspen Philippines, Mona Magno-Veluz; National President, Autism Society Philippines, and Myrna Yao; President & CEO, Richprime Global.

      The winner will be announced on October 15, 2019, at the 10th Asia CEO Awards Grand Ceremony. Watch InLife Executive Chairwoman Nina Aguas announce who the finalists are at the Asia CEO Awards Media Launch below 

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